Decal-Décor Made Doable


  Before you look up the meaning, here it is: A design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface. You’re probably thinking it’s hard, will take too much time and has a huge risk of going wrong. Well, the reality is actually quite different, meaning you can use decals to make any space […]

The GR8 Eight Tips on How to Simplify Your Life


An empty mind is a devil’s workshop; this saying holds a deep embedded meaning. Keeping your mind focused in the right direction is the key to simplify life in all aspects. Let’s accept it that we all have time-honored the urban lifestyle and this culture is full of stress. It becomes very essential to plan […]

Getting Started with Blogging: Why You Should Blog


Blogs – a term that you hear so often these days. Many people know what it is, some pretend to know while some think that just because they have read a blog, they know what it is. First of all, blog is an abbreviation for web log. It is a very simple term and has […]