Happy New Year to All Our Readers


We take this moment on the 1st of January to wish all our readers a Happy New Year. May 2014 be the year your dreams come true, your goals get closer, old friends return and new ones are made, fresh love is found and nurtured, family is cherished and change happens that is for the […]

Introducing “A Chance for Darkness”


  I am super thrilled to introduce my co-author and very dear friend Joshua Mercott as an up and coming author. I know him as an avid reader and now he’s taking a leap (a major one) in the world of literature with his first novel “A Chance for Darkness”. So Joshua, I know in […]

Getting Started with Blogging: Why You Should Blog


Blogs – a term that you hear so often these days. Many people know what it is, some pretend to know while some think that just because they have read a blog, they know what it is. First of all, blog is an abbreviation for web log. It is a very simple term and has […]