Summer Smells Good—Let ‘s Help It Stay That Way


Your body can be a thing of awesomeness or of repulsion, and it all starts with the way you smell. Even if you bathe thrice a day, there’s still a huge margin for body odor to play havoc and bringing both your spirits and those belonging to people around you down. If you’re reading this post before leaping into the shower and wanna know, real bad, right now, what you need to do to smell great this hot season, read on. Of course, ladies first…

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Pour Femme (For Women)

Shower To-Do’s: While you’re in there, you probably have a schedule to help complete all your shower touch-ups so you come out smelling and feeling fresh, and ready to dress sexy. Start with checking the type of soap and shampoo you use. Have you noticed how some soaps give off this strong exquisitely alluring scent while others do not? Then again, have you wondered how some women smell amazing using the exact same products you do?

They’re nothing special (no offense intended), all they do is use a good body scrub that gets rid of dead cells and slightly hot water (enough to redden the skin). What this does is it opens the pores and allows the scented bath oils they use to soak right down into the skin and lodge in their pores. That’s how those women come out smelling awesome or smell the same hours later. As for shampoos, opt for the fruity ones because those scents are very familiar to men, and appealing too—just a whiff makes us go gaga.

womens fragrancesWay To Spray: It’s not what you spray as much as how you spray it. Check your attire and see where the most skin is gonna be showing. Spray your chosen scent there and you’ll have increased chances of the wind catching it and making every guy in the room or area start searching for the source.

Also, dabbing on a body lotion of a similar scent as your perfume is a good idea. It will elevate the scents on your body and keep you smelling good all day.

For that more elegant spray, remember these next few lines: base of the neck, back of the ear and inside of the wrist, elbow joint on your arms and the back of your knees. These locations are almost always facing somebody and there’s a 99.9% chance your perfume will drift off and get noticed. Whether it’s a dude-friend moving in to give you a peck on the cheek or if you’re reaching out to them with your hands or if the wind picks up and courses against your neck, you can’t go wrong once you’ve sprayed your perfume at those locations.

Roller Fun: Under-arm rollers are awesome choices for women. Men have this natural and understandable tendency to leave their underarms unshaved and so deo sprays become their preferred choice. For women, on the other hand, it’s best to opt for rollers, because they stay on for longer, smell good stronger and feel secure coz they leave no stains due to sweat that often mixes with a spray-on deo and stains your clothing.

Pour Homme (For Men)

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Choose Your Scent: What scent makes you take one whiff of and say ‘Man, I feel like a man!’ That’s the scent for you. Whether it’s musky, strong, elegant, soft, bold, or whatever, let your noses decide. Speaking of which, women have an extraordinarily keen sense of smell, better than us dudes, so don’t be lazy lest you end up smelling bad to them and good to yourself. That beats the whole purpose, doesn’t it? Go for antiperspirants that have aluminum chloride, these are tough on male odors.

Sprays Or Rollers: It’s kinda obvious. If you have shaved armpits, rollers are best. If not, deo sprays are ideal.

Mens fragrances

Shampoos and Soaps: Again, it’s much simpler for guys, so opt for anything that has a nice strong effect. If not, just keep away from the fruity scents and those more elegant ones and you’re all set where soaps and shampoos are concerned. Use a strong scrub to get rid of all those dead cells and nice hot water to open up those pores, so you can ensure the scented toiletries you’ve used stays on you and don’t evaporate due body heat and/or sweat.

Aftershave: This is, as many a woman will confirm, one of the sexiest scents a guy can have. So next time you shave, slap on some after-shave lotion. As you go through the day, this scent stays longest on you and gives off the strongest effect. Besides, if a girl moves in for a hug or a kiss, the scent of your aftershave will attract them like crazy.

Now stop reading and go smell good!

Image Credit: Naomi King.


  1. amazing and very informative post !!very very detailed !! its all about what product we use during summers .. I have known people who bathe in deodrants yet stink … all the more after the sweat smell adds up with the deos !! men and women both !!

  2. Hi, Its a very cool and informative post

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