Summer Fashion – The Best Sundress Looks for Women with Curves


Some women dread the idea of summer clothing because they don’t think they are in the best shape of their lives to wear short or revealing sundresses that show off their body. When it comes to curves, women should see summer as the perfect time of the year to share their style and wear the latest trending sundresses. Here are some tips to finding the best look for your style this summer whether it’s fun, glamorous, or retro vintage.

Summer Fashion

Fabrics, Lengths and Cuts

The worst fabrics to wear during the summer are the fabrics that are heavy and cling to your body. Cotton may breathe, but even this fabric can sometimes be too heavy and uncomfortable on a hot summer day. Rayon is a perfect fabric to wear for summer. This extremely soft, smooth fabric is great for hot and humid weather because it absorbs but does not insulate body heat, allowing your skin to breathe during the summer. However, when it comes to rayon fabric, just be aware that most likely your dress will have to be dry cleaned.

Any length for a sundress is fine from short to maxi, but keep in mind of when and where you are wearing this sundress. If you’re on a date, have fun and be flirty with a shorter, fuller cut that is perfect for curves. On the other hand, if you are going to a formal event such as a summer wedding, a longer sundress will be more appropriate for the occasion.

The best dress cuts for women with curves are necklines with scoop necks and V-necks.These cuts will also draw attention to your neckline where you can accessorize with a beautiful necklace. You may want to wear a tight-fitting dress, but loose or twirl skirts are perfect for summer. For a glam look, try a sundress that is ruched or clinched at the waist to show off your body. Overall the cut from the neck to the waist all should make you feel comfortable and confident.

Summer Fashion

Keep up with the latest color trends and patterns


Some women don’t think they can pull off the trendy colors and patterns because of their body type. Don’t listen to those lies and wear a certain sundress because you really love it, not because it’s “supposed to look good on you.” Summer is meant for wearing bright and bold colors including golden yellow, fuchsia, cherry, and aqua as some of the top color trends for 2014.

Trendy plus size clothing and fashion in general is always changing with the seasons. Pay attention to the trends at the all of the spring and summer fashion shows from London, Paris, and Milan to copy all of the designer and model styles from heel to toe.

The best summer accessories


Belts are always the best accessory to accentuate your waist the right way. For a nautical twist, look for a loose rope belt that allows you to wear it loose or a bit tighter. Bold, statement jewelry is in and bangles for your hands or feet are perfect to draw attention to yourself in a crowd. Especially if you are wearing new shoes, try out a set of bangles or an ankle chain.

When it comes to shoes,both flats and heels are perfect for summer. Consider heels with a shorter dress to show off your legs and flats with a longer or maxi sundress for an overall bohemian chic look. If it gets chilly at night or if you are perchance by the seashore, you can always pair a light jacket with your sundress. Look for jackets that cinch at the waist and without a lot of pockets so that the focus is on your dress.

Summer Accessories

Whether you love long or short dress, simple or crazy patterns, deep or bright colors; the perfect sundress for this summer is out there for you to wear! Just remember these tips when you shop and you will find the perfect look for you.

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