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With a fashion statement that’s given Spring a whole new facet of couture to look forward to, bright denim—or as some people would like to call it, colored jeans—are amazing clothing choices for men as well as women. I personally feel women can rock this look way better, so let’s see how to wear bright denim and wear it right.

Where the denims themselves are concerned, the color range is truly a thing of marvel. You have all the classic monochromes: green, red, yellow, orange and blue, which are favorites in the bright denim genre. Then there are other hues like rust (similar to slightly-tanned skin), burgundy and some others that look like a mixture of something. You can best imagine that last by thinking eggshell white.

color pants


We’ll get to the jeans in a minute. For now let’s take a slight detour and talk tops. When it comes to this piece don’t always opt for the traditional white or black tops. Yes, they go with everything but that also makes them a cliché, don’t you think? Besides, they’re great for most fashion occasions but what you’re facing is the fine art of colored denims and the box they fall into, called Color Blocking.

What’s color blocking all about? You essentially dress up in bright colors. However, remember that where color blocking is concerned it’s easy to come across as clownish, garish or overdone. You need to balance the hues out so you look feminine and sexy instead. Using bright denim to do that is a step in the right direction.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some combinations of bright jeans and complementing tops that will serve to pull off that singular look you’re aiming to get. I’ll also suggest a few accessories, so keep a small field open to visualize that as well.

Red Denims: Aside from being one of the sexiest colors around, red is just as awesome where jeans are concerned. Again, you’ve probably just thought of a nice white or black top to go with that. No worries, our aim is to perform some superb color blocking using other colors and, of course the bright denims themselves.

colored denims red

That said, imagine red denim complemented with a nice yellow top. Extras: Envelop yourself in a form-fitting sweater or jacket of somber hue, with accessories that have shades of green, pink or blue. Those colors also include shoes and handbags.

So for the red-denim-yellow-top look, try blue shoes, light or deep, your pick. Other ‘top’ choices for red denims include: light pink, sky blue, sunset orange or a blend of purple and white or another blend of yellow and black. [Notice how those two traditional colors now serve to enhance your outfit and allow you to perform smart color blocking.]

Yellow Denims: I’m gonna go a little fast now that you’ve gotten an idea of what we’re trying to accomplish. Here’s how you can style up with yellow jeans. Try a nice green top—you can go for jungle green (a deep hue) or perhaps grass green (lighter in comparison). Pink is also a nice color choice for yellow denims and so is dark blue.

For your accessories, you can use the traditional black or white ensemble, like white heels with a white handbag and so on. They accent the yellow of your jeans remarkably. Zebra-pattern heels are amazing with this denim color choice.

colored denim yellow

Green Denims: Doing a small vice versa twist, yellow tops are a sweet touch for green jeans. There are lots of shades of yellow you can try out for this denim-type, so don’t feel shy to experiment. You can also check out light orange hues (not bright ones lest it makes the green look garish), fun blue shades or a nice bright purple to add mystery.

Where accessories are concerned—especially your shoes—opt for monochrome blues, nudes, beige or gold. These accent the green pretty nicely. Snake-scale-patterns make for superb shoes that add grace to this bright denim.

colored denim green

Orange Denims: This color for your jeans can be tricky at times, because of its longstanding association with prison overalls. To pull off this look and make it look feminine and well within the confines of fashion, try using red tops that add a nice ‘hot’ appeal to your overall look. You can also go for light blues, deep greens, very deep purples, and (if you wanna get that girly-girl look) go pink.

Accessories for orange denims can take you through some interesting shades where both the traditional white and back hues will work perfectly. So will pink, red or very light green shoes. Leopard-pattern heels work magic with this one.

colored denim outfit orange

Purple Denims: These bright denims sometimes come across as mature so choosing classy tops will help. No matter, you can still use your own picks. Yellow or orange tops are ideal balancers that accent this denim-choice. Also check out bright pink, very light green, red/burgundy, azure (one of the most appealing lighter shades of blue) or even chocolate brown.

Accessories for this number has you facing choices like pink shoes, or those that come in other bright shades like fluorescent yellow, lively orange or emerald green.



This entire topic has been about bright denim and how well you must mix and match it, starting with some interesting tops. You can’t go wrong with those because they are what make or break the look of your denims and the color you’ve chosen to wear of them.

Accessories, on the other hand, are completely up to you. You can play around until you have the right balance (not too much, mind you). Following the color block guidelines can really go a long way to transforming the way you look at bright colors and colored jeans.


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