Stop Being A Couch Potato–Take a stroll for starters!

Health Benefits of Walking Every Day

After contemplating for long on what I should do to lose weight, I decided to begin walking every day. I know most people think that walking does not really make a difference. I am not a gym kind of person though I wouldn’t mind going for a workout if I had company. Again, I can’t run even 50m but can walk briskly for a few miles for sure. OK so I started walking because I had company for evening walks and rather than being a couch potato, I’d rather begin with something. It felt nice from day one and the speed did increase after a couple of days. I stepped on the weighing scale every week after that and did feel disappointed to see there was no difference. Then I began reading about it on the web.

Couch Potato

I learnt a few things about it and hence this post to share it with my readers.

Unlike all the other high intensity workouts and exercises which help only the body, walking everyday helps rejuvenate and refresh your body and soul. An early morning walk can leave you feeling fresh for the entire day. You will feel happier and more excited towards your daily work routine too.

Walking is one of the most perfect exercises and the biggest advantage is that anyone can begin with it. Like other forms of exercise, you will not suffer any kind of injuries while walking. However, you obviously need to prepare yourself before you begin brisk walking. Yes..this is a must.

Walk everyday
Initially there can be chances of muscle cramps or you may also get blisters. Hence start slowly. It is also necessary that you use the right kind of footwear for walking. Good shoes last you longer too. I have observed that a lot of ladies do not wear socks. This may also be the reason for blisters.

If you are targeting weight loss like me and tired of hearing from people that walking can never give you the desired results, it is time to prove them wrong. Yippeee!. This is my favorite part. All you need is dedication towards this moderate intensity workout.

If you begin walking everyday for a minimum of half an hour at the speed of approximately 3 miles per hour, it can show remarkable results in a few months. You can begin by walking for 10 minutes initially and then increase the speed and time gradually. If you have the stamina, walk for more than 30 minutes. I usually walk for 45 minutes to one hour and it doesn’t pinch if you have company. If you don’t have friend for company but have a pet walk it outdoors and do maintain your speed. You could also take your music along and listen to your favorite numbers if walking alone.

Walk with your pet

If you think you are going to miss your walk someday, then replace the regular walk by walking to your office or parking the car a street farther from the office and walking towards it. If you are going out to the mall for shopping, take the stairs and walk during the day while you shop. No matter how you walk, but follow the regime religiously to lose weight.

At the same time keep a watch on your calories. While you walk to the park or on a track during week days, plan weekend hiking trips with friends or family. Walking on up slopes can be very beneficial as it definitely burns a lot of calories.

If the weather outside does not permit you to walk comfortably, choose mall walking. It is a new trend and people often walk in the malls at the same brisk speed. I thought this was a good tip.

Aerobics has long been associated with maintaining the perfect shape and staying healthy. One of its innovations in the walking routine is the power walks. As the name suggests these are fast paced walks but obviously slower than your jogs. Here, you need to walk at a pace of almost 5 miles per hour. This can come only with practice but it definitely helps in achieving the desired weight loss. I am targeting this.

Hence if you decide to walk to burn off the extra calories and stay in shape, then you must do it religiously to experience the results. Also, keep increasing the pace to your maximum capacity for quicker and better results.

So do let me know if this helps you and I will update this post when I see remarkable weight loss. Have been walking with above average speed for a month now and have lost around half a kilo without controlling calorie intake :P.

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