Staying Happy – Key to cope with Stress

De-Stress from Distress!

Stress and Distress – These may sound similar but mean quite different. While the former means tension, nervousness, anxiety or pressure; the latter means suffering, feeling miserable or tortured. Now do you realize the difference?

What happens is that most of us let distress piggyback with stress into our lives. The result – the ever so complicated life feels more complicated!

Bye  Bye Stress

Understanding Stress and Distress

There is a lot of difference between stress and distress. While stress can only be momentary, distress can be for a life time if you do not cope with it. Stress is just a mental or emotional strain arising from extreme circumstances but distress is extreme pain, sorrow or anxiety. It is more to do with your emotional self than physical or mental.

However they are slightly interrelated as it is stress which if not handled properly, may lead to distress. So if you know or learn how to handle stress properly, the chances of distress arising out of the same minimize.

All in all it is very important to distress your life as it ultimately affects your physical being too. After much thought, I came out with a few ways to create a barrier between the two. Hopefully it should help you too.

Overcome Greed

Our greed and desires are the biggest reasons for our stress and distress. We often tend to mix our goals with desires. While desires are uncontrollable, goals are controllable and achievable. It is good to strive to achieve your goals but not at the cost of feeling miserable every day.

So don’t be distressed if life is not going the way you wanted. Don’t strive for perfection in living life too. Live each day to the fullest and complete the tasks at hand.

Accept Failure

Learn to accept failure. Seems difficult but you should will be able to do this with a bit of practice and determination.

Failing to do something is not the end of the world, accept it. If you have not been promoted or were unable to marry the girl/guy of your choice, don’t be emotionally shattered. Probably you have better things in store. Try to overcome this feeling and it will help you distress your life.

Personal Life

Our behavior and moods do affect our near and dear ones – we all know that. So your distress is going to affect your family too in the form of tension, conflicts and many other psychological put downs.

Being distressed will obviously affect your work too. How? Obviously, you are going to find it difficult to concentrate which will lead to low productivity, conflicts and more stress from superiors.

Above all it will affect you as an individual. Dissatisfaction at work and with the family will lower your self esteem leading to additional distress. There will be no focus, no enjoyment, no fun and nothing that you will want to look forward to. Ultimately you will lead a meaningless life.

Are you already experiencing this?

It is time you bring in a change, slowly but steadily and experience the difference.

Be Happy

Stay Happy

  • Since distress is more of an emotional disorder or condition, you will need positive emotions to cope with it. Stay optimistic. Have positive vibes around you. Positivity will help increase your productivity and will also help you cope with your problems.
  • Humor is the best way to DESTRESS from your distress as it will reduce the aggression within you to a great extent.
  • Did you know – 15 minutes of laughter gives you the same relaxation that you can derive from 8 hours of meditation?  So laugh it out loud. Enjoy yourself, socialize and try and find humor and fun in everything you do. Not only will this make your work easy but it will be done faster.
  • Your physical energy will always be elevated and the brain will function well too. So humor has many health benefits both physical and psychological and moreover it will help you distress your life.

So go ahead and Live Happy to get rid of all kinds of distress.

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