Splendid Sunday at Pune Farmer’s Market


Last week saw to me inviting you guys to attend the Pune Farmer’s Market. By this time it’s all done and what a yummy fun time it turned out to be. As their schedule stated, plenty of fun stuff was showcased and I savored bites that made me swoon. I can honestly say it was the best way to spend a Sunday.


One phone call to Jahnavi the moment I arrived had me entering a world of Pune Farmer’s Market splendor. She taught me some subtle ropes, meaning what I should absolutely try out and what was too passé to indulge in.

With Jahnavi for company—she’s part of Karen Anand’s team, who are responsible for organizing the Pune Farmer’s Market every 40-45 days—I got some pretty inspiring behind-the-scenes look at things.

Having Umesh around meant he would drag us to the Indus Pride Stall first, which is what we ended up doing. The Indus Pride is the only Indian beer brewed with spices and wow was it something for the palate to burst with.

Indus pride

We tried their Citrusy Cardamom, Citrusy Coriander, Spicy Fennel and Fiery Cinnamon and felt ready to explore the Pune Farmer’s Market with refreshed hearts. The spicy Fennel and Fiery Cinnamon were the best, in my opinion. After a few pints followed by a few hops to various stalls tasting the dips and snacks they laid out, it was time to empty Umesh’s wallet.

PFM goodies

Oh wait, I don’t think I told you, I received a goodie bag from PFM. Thank you Sameer from Food Bloggers Association India and Jahnavi for the yummy-goodie bag. It had Karen Anand’s Cookbook, an inviting bottle of bubbly, a cute apron with the PFM logo on the front, a jar of my favorite delish dip from Karen’s collection, all neatly packed in a cloth bag just begging to be explored. I held myself back for when I get back home. I was also lucky to win a meal voucher for Mezzuna from a contest on Twitter by Timescity.

Green TokriBack to shopping! Now that I had a sizeable bag, nothing could stop me from getting my hands on some sizzling sauces and dips at Green Tokri and the ones at Karen Anand’s stall were simply irresistible.

Picked up quite a few jars of them, there. My goodie bag started gaining pounds before I did, but both of us knew how to get the calories off, so no worries.

Before Umesh started taking on the guise of the silent husband who follows his beloved all over town carrying her shopping bags, I decided to take break from shopping. He’s a sweetheart but I wouldn’t put him through that, no way! Together, we fine-tuned our focus on the rest of what Pune Farmer’s Market had to reveal.

Before Lunch arrived on our option-list, we had to deal with lunch options, namely the menu. Unable to say no to the Mezzuna’s enticement we pointed our fingers to that eatery and our bodies followed. Theirs was, in my opinion, the most exciting menu around.

One savor of the orange glazed chicken was sufficient proof that our lunch-choice was spot on perfect. Add butter grilled prawns and lemon and barley risotto to that list and my mouth still waters for more.

Where Marrakesh disappointed us with their crowd handling skills Umesh and I were more than impressed with the way Mezzuna and Asia 7 wielded the space and ensured a less than 15-minute waiting time for everybody involved. Asia 7’s Khowsuey was also a delight of epic proportions.

On sipping Appa’s coffee (Coorgi coffee) at Indianbean.com I was a bit saddened as it didn’t live up to my expectations. I’ve had coffee in Coorg and would’ve loved to mention how Coorg transports its quality and unmatched taste no matter where their products go, but I guess I’m going to have to take a raincheck on that one.

Creativity at PFM

After a fine phase of stall hopping, where we found our senses wooed by the singular creativity behind the lamps and not to forget the décor items crafted from bottles of wine and liquor, we teleported to the final stop on our Market Adventure – The Rio Fizzy wines. Being a PFM regular means this stall was both a favorite and one we simply couldn’t pass by without picking up a few bottles.

After a fruitful day suffused with experiences the likes of which we couldn’t have gotten at any other event but at Pune Farmer’s Market, we landed smack in our car seats and returned home with lots of goodies and a wide grin on our faces. Looking forward to the next PFM was the next obvious feeling.

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