As major opinions go, people hold spectacles to be something common and forgettable, a utility at best and a style-destroyer at worst. Changing times have seen to the simple pair of spectacles evolving and reshaping to become a tool used in almost every endeavor, from fashion to politics, where they can impart the right message to all the right people, the top messages being power, refinement and wisdom.

It’s no wonder then such spectac-appeal is being tapped into, used and loved. There’s something in this field that wasn’t there, say, 40 years ago, and that something is variety. Yes, of course, the main idea of even owing a pair of glasses is to placate a lack of eyesight keenness, but that takes nothing away from style, does it?

For both men and women, there’s a range of designs out there to pick from.

1. The Reading Appeal: This simple number is a common favorite, being a cliché where spectacles are concerned but for some apparent reason never going out of fashion. These ‘readers’ are easy to slip on, light, comfy and used often when, er, reading.

Reading glasses

2. The Vintage Appeal: These fellers may be a bit expensive because to capture a fashion-statement of yesteryear isn’t easy. Once you posses vintage glasses and if your face suits the spectacles, you can wow no matter when you put these on.

vintage glasses

3. The Cat-Eye Appeal: While it may sound ‘naughty’ in some regards and while it’s solely for women, these glasses aren’t for all you ladies out there. Reserved for the matronly or mature woman and often associated with an old-fashioned charm, the cat-eye is shaped to be recognized and makes a rare woman appear rather attractive.

cat eye glasses

4. The Rimless Appeal: It’s so beautiful, modern and chic that a whole genre has been found for these glasses. Kudos to the genius who came up with the idea to remove the frame borders and add a sense of infinity and play-of-light to these elegant rimless pieces, which are ideal for casual outings and dates.

rimless glasses

5. The Plastic Designer Frame Appeal: Moving to the opposite end of the spectrum from that last number, these glasses come in umpteen varieties and serve just as many purposes, from glamming up to going undercover, from partying to simply spending evenings with friends. The key is the design element, which is yours to choose. Take your time with plastic framed spectacles for you know not where you may find one that suits you like a charm.

plastic glasses

6. The Geek Appeal: I saved this one for last because, from what I’ve observed, in both men and women, the classic geek-style spectacles are starting to look rather modish. They have simplicity, go with most any clothing you select and sit well on almost any occasion you attend. Which brings me to the concluding section of our post…

geek glasses

7. Black Appeal: If geek-glasses are your cup of joe and if you get them in classic black there’s simply no end to the magic you can weave. Women, especially, are bringing sexy back with black geek-spectacles while men are doing just as great in this number.

black glasses

If you have on the right clothes and, sometimes, a fit body these glasses, or even one from the list above, pack immense spectac-appeal, drawing people toward you unlike Clark Kent who could only manage that when he’s Superman. There’s a hint right there: the man of steel himself dons these glasses on to keep his identity hidden. If it’s good enough for Superman, it’s good enough for me. Tough luck, I have no need for glasses yet, so perhaps one with no ‘power lenses’? But the real question is, what’s your spectac-appeal?


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