Slice Of Life—Part 1


Have you noticed how sometimes food served in slices turns absolutely desirable? Agreed, a full plate is just as inviting as a small piece of food taken from a larger source. But, as they say, it’s the little things in life that matter and where food slices are concerned, there’s this added sense of something magical, something beautiful and a bite that promises to take you into the realms of imagination. Here are some slices for you to dig your fangs into!

slice of life

Pie: This dessert is a blast of baked perfection. With that ideal blend of bread-like texture and a soft filling ready to flow in all its sweetness, or one of myriad other flavors they come in, a slice of pie is nothing short of poetic. The first bite makes you want the feeling to never end and when you reach that last bite, you feel it’s time to take as long as you want to appreciate this culinary work of art they call a pie.

Sushi: Raw fish may at first sound like a crazy idea, but sushi brings its own charm, elegance and sophistication to the table. In cute bite-sized slices, sushi promises to go easy on your swallowing but packs quite the flavor, especially where spice and exotic seasonings are concerned. The soft-smoothness of sushi is one slice you’ll never forget.

Toast: This simplest of the lot is a slice that’s easy to make, quick to eat and fun throughout. The crumbly texture, the soft crush-appeal, the elegant flow of spreads like butter, jam, mayo, ketchup or any other sauce out there, and a bite that goes into all that crunchy magnificence is what a toasted slice of bread has in store for you.

Pizza: When it’s served, shaped like a circle, it may well be a flying saucer flying in from the heat of a Galaxy we call a Kitchen, and lands before you, hapless humans, braced to blow your mind away with a taste unlike never before. Pizzas, both the veg and the non-veg varieties, do take it out on your health but there’s nothing wrong in digging into them once in a while. Taking a single slice in hand is the move that lets you know you’re about to savor awesomeness and that’s where slice-power shows its true flavors, in an act where small (on the outside) becomes big (inside your mind) before exploding (onto your taste buds).

Image Credit: mootown, Ruocaled, apasciuto, Free Digital Photos.


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