Slice Of Life — Part 3


This last part in our Slice Of Life trilogy is sure to make your mouth water and your mind plan ways on getting to the slices you read about here. Sometimes the best things in life do come in small sizes, or should I say slices.

cheese cake

Cheesecake: From being sensationally soft and creamy to looking ultra-delish as a slice, cheesecake will leave you begging for more. Not only is the taste something between a cake and dollops of thick cream, this dessert number is a favorite among millions the world over and brings a very special touch to any event.

smoked salmon

Smoked Salmon: Aside from being super-healthy and uber-tasty, salmon is one fish you simply must taste. There are so many ways to cook this one that almost every one of it tastes divine. Smoked salmon slices are one of the best choices out there, because it packs all that flavor in one neat bite and the fact that it’s smoked means you get to taste a very ‘campfire’ version of an amazing fish-dish.

pork belly

Barbecued Pork Belly: Sliced versions of this meat-product sit wonderfully well on the palate. Add some nice smoked-taste effects and don’t forget the fact that it’s barbecued and you have yourself a snack-like meal that makes you want to take your time with it, especially when served with spicy fruit chutney as dip.


Turkey: This internationally famous one will leave you feeling desperate for more all day long. Turkey has a succulence and, in some weird simultaneous way, toughness that adds to its memorable factor, making turkey slices—whether it’s in a sandwich or otherwise, as cold cuts or served hot—one of the most preferred slice-snacks of all time.


Mushrooms: I’m not referring to the druggy ones (!) nor the raw wild ones most of which are actually poisonous. Mushrooms chosen by professional cooks/chefs and altered into palatable bite-sized perfections are sure to thrill your very soul. This is one veggie dish that tows in that extra special flavor, blending a soft bite with tastes that come based on what spices you wish to add to the mushroom-meal. Besides, the right ones are very healthy.

Image Credit: nseika, Stacey Spensley, amy, Matthew Hine, Yi Chen.


  1. Great series Bhakti. I loved this slice of life.

  2. hungry hungry…………………..

  3. I love pork so much…Barbecued Pork Belly looks delicious…

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