Slice Of Life — Part 2


With so many slicey-sweet and spicy-slicey delights to enjoy from all over the world and all it takes is a few bites, you can’t hold yourself back from indulging the idea, can you? Good things do indeed come in small bite-sized morsels that have the power to satiate your very soul, sometimes even doing a better job than a full meal. Check out this 2nd installment in our trilogy!

slice of life2

Pastries: The realm of confectionery can’t do without calling this delicious number one of the family. Cakes are great but they look even more inviting when served in that beautiful slice we call a pastry, showing off its many layers of sweet perfection and beckoning you to lose yourself in its sinful world of taste-bud delights.

Sandwiches: Whether they’re spicy, sweet or just ‘plain old, plain old’, there’s no end to the creativity behind what two slices of bread with eatables in between can’t accomplish. This is what makes these quick-to-make and easy-to-eat slices all the more superb, as millions of famished diners the world over will testify. The potential to try new mixes and sauces and recipes is impossible to measure, so next time you fix yourself a sandwich be sure that what you’re ‘fixing’ is culinary magic at its simplest.

Salami: For those of you who have no idea what category salami falls into, it’s primarily pork served in thin slices and cooked in, well, any number of ways, as the palate demands. Salami looks great on pizzas, between bread slices and on a whole lot of other things. But what’s best about it is how awesome it tastes, especially when there’s hot sauce at the party, then you can be sure to expect a burst of flavor unlike never before. Rest assured, it’s even more intense when you eat salami in slices.

Watermelon: As odd or clichéd as this entry may be in our slice-fiesta, no one can deny (especially this summer) how amazing watermelon feels on the tongue. You can juice it up in a blender or you can just eat it as is, but watermelon’s cool-coarse texture and sweet taste promise to keep you coming back for more. The fact that it’s a wonderful alternative to a large glass of water (having approximately the same content-amount) adds to its splendor. Granted, watermelon slices may not be small and dainty but they’re absolutely cool, in both senses of the word.

Image Credit: arnold I inuyaki, mustharshid, Dinner Series, Kirti Poddar.


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