Simply Snacking – A guide to healthy snacking ideas

Snacking – the word itself tickles your taste buds and you don’t feel like controlling yourself. For those who are not concerned about weight loss or don’t follow a diet plan, snacking is a fun activity. They can sit with a bag of chips or hog on any quick mini meal that they see somewhere.  Actually, snacking is not a bad habit at all. Most diet plans these days suggest snacking often between meals. However, in this case, it means binging on healthy things. If you walk in to the supermarket or a fast food joint, you are likely to see something known as low calorie food or diet food.

Fat Free

What most people end up doing is, eat lots of it just because it is low cal or diet food. This is a misconception. Processed food can never really help you lose weight. This is why you need to snack on natural and healthy options. If you keep binging at regular intervals, in small quantities, you are less likely to over eat during lunch or dinner. This is when you actually intake a lot of calories. Also, when you snack between meals, prefer to choose items that are healthy and rich in nutrients. This way your total calorie intake for the day is controlled and you can achieve the desired weight loss too.

Even if you are not looking for weight loss, healthy snacking as opposed to fried chips and burgers, keeps your cholesterol levels low. There are infinite options when it comes to health food which is not processed, easily available and you can grab and go.

Perfect snacks

The best option for simply snacking is fruits. You can choose any of your favorite fruit or a combination of fruits. Eat an apple or have a few berries between meals or when you crave to binge. Apples and pears are very rich in fibre, Vitamin C and potassium. Hence they also ease the process of digestion and maintain the electrolyte balance in the body. Avoid drinking fruit juices even if they are fresh and without sugar as they can never be as nutritious as eating the whole fruit.

TomatoesDry fruits like all the nuts (cashew, pine, and peanuts), almonds and apricots are a great snack. They satisfy your hunger buds and also provide you with lots of iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and so on. Does a bag of chips vaguely provide even 1% of any of the above nutrients? You could also snack on raw veggies like carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes or eat a bowl of unsweetened low fat yogurt. Often, you may feel like binging on fried chicken. Replace it with boiled chunks of chicken. Your cravings will surely be satisfied.

Snacking is also a good idea when you are invited to a party or going out for dinner with friends. Before leaving home, eat something healthy and then move out. This will help you avoid the rich greasy food and over eating. So even if you don’t eat low cal food, you will be eating the rich food in a lesser quantity that usual. So, you can go ahead and eat something every hour. Just make sure that you are eating healthy stuff and in small quantities.

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