Simplest Trick to Change the Way your Kitchen Looks

Lately, I have been very impressed with the different ways to decorate a kitchen. Everyone wishes to have a home that has an excellent décor. When it comes to home décor, it is assumed that the living room needs to be decked up. Some may even pay attention to the bedroom and dining area and beautify it but the kitchen is definitely ignored.

Kitchen Island Table

Home décor does not mean just getting expensive artifacts and fixtures to enhance its beauty but also a careful planning so that the available space is utilized perfectly. This theory applies to the kitchen too. If you give it a thought, you will realize that almost every kitchen needs revamping. There are so many things one has to store in the kitchen and each of these items is required often. So you obviously don’t have an option to keep it away.

So how do you manage space and storage in the kitchen and still make it look modern and stylish. Simple! Get a kitchen island cart for this special area. The introduction of kitchen island carts is going to change the way your kitchen looks. One, it will be absolutely clutter free and second it will make your daily tasks much easier. There are obviously many more advantages of using the kitchen island carts. Modular kitchens may be a trend these days, but what if you do not have enough budget. Incorporating the latest and durable kitchen island carts is the ideal option in such a scenario.

Cooktop Kitchen Island

For those who follow Vaastu or Fengshui, the kitchen island will be a perfect inclusion. It will separate the cooking source or your gas stove from the water source or your wash basin.

Things to consider before buying the Island Carts

Managing Space: The first and foremost consideration is the space. The reason you are buying a table is to make your kitchen look clutter free and make the maximum use of available space. Obviously, you don’t want to end up getting a large table that leaves no space to walk around. There are even different shapes of tables that are available. Hence before you begin checking your options, check the measurements and decide an approximate size. These carts are available in many different sizes and shapes. If your kitchen is large, you can opt for the large island carts and if there is a space crunch, there is a special range of sleek and stylish carts. It is also a good idea to pick from the portable carts range so you can always keep making space in the kitchen in case it is too small. There are many other benefits of the roller kitchen island carts too.

Selecting the Material:  Another factor to be considered while choosing this product is the material used to make them. There are carts made entirely of wood or stainless steel and there are also options that have a wooden counter with steel body and legs and vice versa. You need to pick the right one by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each material. The wood ones are great but if the counter is made of wood, it may require little additional maintenance. The stainless steel kitchen utility cart is much easier to maintain. However, it is not scratch resistant and prolonged use of knives on a metal counter for chopping may damage the knives as well as the counter. The kitchen island carts double up as informal dining tables in many kitchens. So if you want to use it as one, then a stainless counter is a better idea as it is easy to clean. However, if that is not the case, then wooden counters or butcher blocks are a great choice.

Circular Kitchen IslandStyle: While choosing the material, also keep the color in mind. If you want to add a dash of color to your bland kitchen, there are vivid colors available too. If you have a modern décor, then black or white kitchen island table is a good choice. Sometimes inclusion of a new color or furniture can add a lot drama to the space. Another modification in the design is with the help of “drop leaf tops” which can be folded down or pulled up as and when required. These are also great space savers as they can be adjusted as per requirement.

Storage: Many kitchens have small cabinets installed on every wall for storing pans and pots. This makes it look very crowded. The kitchen island carts are purchased to save space hence you can also check the storage space in each of the design. The more the storage the better it is. A good quality kitchen island cart eliminates the need for such shelves and stores many things in the inbuilt cabinets. Since nothing in your kitchen will be scattered around, it will change the entire look. There are also some carts that have extra space to store items like ladles and tissues or hand towels at the sides. This can be really helpful.

Island table1Budget: Before you set out to shop for the kitchen island table, fix a budget. There are some real impressive designs that are very expensive. Your aim must be to get a good quality table that has sufficient storage space too and matches with your décor. The quality of metal and wood used to manufacture the carts also differs. Hence the price range varies from product to product. You can easily compare the various options available and then pick the one that matches your budget and taste. Most of them last for decades hence they are a great investment too. A substandard kitchen island table may cost you less but not last long whereas if you spend slightly more, you will get value for every cent that you pay.

Keeping in mind the modern taste of today’s customers, these are also available in modern designs. If you are still thinking of the features and imagining the kitchen island cart, then it is time you take a look. It will not fail to impress you.

Image Credits: Sitka Projects LLC, ChalonHandmade, katielips

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