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There are several communities on Facebook and Twitter for food enthusiasts living or working in Pune. I chanced upon one such community, a newly opened Bistro in town popularly known as Pune Eat Outs. Ruby Mittal, the owner of Secret Garden Bistro, introduced her fresh new spark of inspiration to us through this place. Her passion was evident from her post and I so wanted her to be a part of the Rendezvous with Lifestylerr section on our blog.

Secret Garden Bistro Pune


For those of you who haven’t read Chef Ajeet’s interview in the first Rendezvous with Lifestylerr, I’d like to brief you on what exactly this new blog-idea has in store for you. What we desire to share with you in Rendezvous with Lifestylerr is a short tête-à-tête with start-up or off-beat businesses and the people behind them. It could be spas, salons, travel planners/agencies, restaurants, cafes, fashion stores, online shopping portals or anything else that is connected to the Lifestyle hub.

We are proud and excited to introduce to you Ruby Mittal, the mastermind behind Secret Garden Bistro, Pune, which is soon going to capture the hearts of Pune-ites by appeasing to their taste buds and the world of culinary magic that’s possible because of good food.

1. What Is Secret Garden Bistro?

Secret Garden Bistro is a Continental / World Cuisine Restaurant located at the Town square Shopping Centre, Airport VIP Road in Viman Nagar. Once you step in Secret Garden Bistro, you can enjoy the experience of sitting in a cozy place with friendly & bistro styled interiors. It’s an amalgamation of fine dining & a bistro styled eating house. It offers a delectable menu and caters to everyone’s taste buds.

2. Tell us about its inception

Secret Garden Bistro went live on the 22nd of December’2013.

3. Was opening a Bistro always on your mind?

Since childhood, I was enamored by the Paris styled cafes in India. Considering the aesthetics here I have gone with an indoor setup.

4. What do you think when you hear someone say: “I think owning a restaurant looks like fun.”

A big smile as I completely understand their perspective. I had the same mindset when visiting other restaurants. It is fulfilling however to live a dream. From a business perspective there are a lot of things involved which can suck the life force out of you but that’s part and parcel of this journey. It’s a dream I have dreamt and making it a success is the ultimate reward.

5. We know you are a blogger and enjoy baking, what are your other professional interests?

I belong to the IT/ITES industry and for the major part worked with Convergys India & IBM. Currently I am completely dedicated towards running my restaurant. Baking is a passion that I would like to indulge on a professional scale in the coming years.

6. What do you do to stay educated about new trends in the F&B industry?

Media helps one stay abreast of the F&B industry. I am a fan of food shows & an avid reader of the Good Food Magazine. I regularly review online information on restaurants via Zomato and other sites. All the information garnered is then put to use in the kitchen where I experiment and tweak as per taste buds,

7. Why did you choose Continental cuisine for Secret Garden Bistro?

Continental Cuisine is something that goes well with my bistro concept. The freshness of sautéed vegetables, creaminess of mashed potatoes and colorful textures on the plate is something which can be savored any time of the day. I believe in serving the best to the customer in terms of ambience, food and service. But to add to it, I am launching my additional menu which is called Spices of India & Arabia. For spice lovers, we are serving homemade Arabic Kebab platters & Biryanis.

8. Why choose Pune?

Pune is quickly turning into a modern cosmopolitan city. A melting pot of different cultures and states across India and abroad. Not only does this foster an open mind but also a will to experiment with different cuisines that this city has to offer. In terms of acceptability and willingness to experiment Pune is the place to be not only for food aficionados but for entrepreneurs like me.

9. There are a lot of restaurants in this area. Why should a prospective diner choose yours?

Stepping into Secret Garden Bistro is an experience to remember. It will wow you not just with the ambience but also with the food you eat here. It’s a place where anyone who loves to eat will enjoy, be it with friends or families. Every diner is special for us and is personally attended to as we believe in creating a long term and happy relationship with them. We ensure you an overall lovely experience every time you visit us.

10. What is a MUST-HAVE when at Secret Garden Bistro?

For Non Veg lovers, Lasher’s Surf & Turf, Grilled Lemon or Orange Butter Fish and Steaks. For Veg lovers, our pastas, Veg Augratin and stews. Not to forget our homemade desserts like Fruit Trifle and Cookie & Custard Sundae.

From our new menu, Arabic kebabs are the most delicious and will make you want for some more.

11. What do you do to insure the quality From y of the food going out to customers at Secret Garden Bistro?

Me and my whole team checks and ensure that the quality and freshness is retained in each dish which goes out to the customer. We procure fresh and deliver the freshness on your plate. The vegetables are procured from the farmers directly which leads to better quality of dishes as compared to the wholesaler ones. There is a daily check on all the ingredients and our Executive Chef himself keeps a tab on all dishes being sent out.

12. Tell us about your team of chefs at Secret Garden Bistro

Our Executive Chef has 25 + years of Continental cooking experience in India and Abroad. He brings in tremendous knowledge and experience which has helped us in delivering a perfect menu to our customers. Being a 3rd generation Executive Chef the passion and love for quality food is reflective in the dishes served.

- Our Assistant chef comes from the same Continental and Italian cooking background. He can whip up some great baked and roasted items which will linger on your taste buds for eons.

13. What is your favorite cuisine and restaurant in Pune?

Besides Continental, My husband and I are particularly fond of Maharashtrian & Mangalorean cuisines. On a day out, Malacca Spice at Pune would be a must visit with friends and family.

14. Tell me about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career

I come from a strong service oriented background. While that phase of my career had its share of achievements I am proud of, the switch to venture on my own was filled with a lot of doubts. But once I took the step to move out on my own there has been no looking back. I believe this to be a defining moment for me and I am proud of it.

15. What are your plans for Secret Garden Bistro in the next 2 years?

I plan to make Secret Garden Bistro as one of the most cherished restaurant in the city. With that I would like to expand the restaurant and open more outlets with different themes and cuisine.

16. Are there any other challenges for a new setup VS a chain?

A chain has its own processes, infrastructure setup and the manpower which is effectively utilized when setting up a restaurant or assisting a franchisee. A new setup will usually depend on native intelligence and consultants. The challenges are enormous and dependency on others sometimes futile. However, the experience gained is invaluable. This will be very useful when I plan to diversify in the coming years.

17. Give me 5 words to describe your restaurant.

Delectable, inviting, exquisite, cozy , fresh

18. Your thoughts on LifestylerR

Very Vibrant and informative blog. Really liked the way it has been put together and providing detailed information in so many categories. Kudos to Lifetylerr and wish them great success.


  1. “Stepping into Secret Garden Bistro is an experience to remember. It will wow you not just with the ambience but also with the food you eat here”. This statement of Ruby (owner of the restaurant) reflects not just her passion but a commitment to deliver a rich experience that relentlessly strives to be satisfied by nothing less than to ‘wow!’ the customer.

    We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, effort and persistence. With strongest conviction, I can say that it’s just a matter of time that Ruby’s dream to make Secret Garden Bistro, one of Pune city’s most cherished restaurant and expand it further to more outlets with different themes and cuisine will soon become a living reality.

    I recommend Secret Garden Bistro to all my friends in Pune and those visiting the city. It is located at the Town square shopping Centre, Airport VIP Road in Viman Nagar, Pune. Go there with mighty big expectations and believe me, you will cherish the experience!.

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