Sculpting Smiles

Have you ever frozen mid-smile and wondered what that particular smile actually means to the other person? Well, there is such a thing as different types of smiles and, no, they aren’t all the same nor are they similar. Check out these smile-types and see if you can sculpt yours to convey the full meaning that’s in your heart or hide something by sculpting yet another smile that keeps you in the safe zone.

The Amused Curl

amused curl


This smile doesn’t reveal itself right away. Imagine having a good laugh where you throw your head back and chortle away. After that’s done, you don’t adopt an abrupt serious expression as though you didn’t just laugh out loud. The smile that lingers after this hearty laugh is this one.

The Flirty Felix

flirty smile

No, it doesn’t refer to anyone by that name, merely a rhyme to remember this smile-type; not that you need to. A flirty smile takes so many forms but has one intention ruling them all. It’s usually performed by the person looking out the corner of their eyes while their head is turned to one side at a very ‘come hither’ angle.

The Winning Grin


This is by far the most genuine smile because you don’t try restraining the way it flows. Whether you end up looking like a lunatic or like a hungry T-Rex, the grin shows all of you, so to speak. It’s uninhibited, free and uncontrolled, making it a heartfelt expression of sheer unbridled joy.

Those three smiles are what you’d call ‘self-expressive’. You’re amused, you feel flirtatious, you’re so overjoyed you’re grinning. Most important of all, you want the other person to know these things. How about those smiles that don’t wish to convey what you’re feeling? In this case, a person may or may not respond to it because the smile wasn’t exactly meant for them to begin with. You may want to keep those feelings, desires or emotions to yourself and smile to show you’re human enough to feel them.

The Curious Cat

Curious smile

This is when you’re really interested in something and can’t help but raise your eyebrows and give off a slight grin, sometimes not even knowing you’re doing it. Your eyes may remain unblinking as they soak up the target of your interest, whether it’s a catchy line in a book, a cool scene in a movie, an awesome verse in a song, and so on.

The Blushing Blues


Basically, this smile is when you feel embarrassed about something. This can be either a positive form of embarrassment or a negative one—either the blush or the blues. Characterized most often with eyes cast downward while the smile is made, this is one of those expressions that play out before you could attempt restraining them.

The Love Line

in love smile

When you’re in love, it shows, often as a smile. There’s so much substance behind this particular expression, what with its calm execution suffused with romantic meaning. It’s one of those smiles that stays with you for a very long time, perhaps even for all eternity, making memories glow with value.

The Know-It-All Twist


This one takes on a very obvious lip-twisting smirk, of sorts, where the eyes go all high-and-mighty on you and you see this smile that’s just begging to be scrubbed off. Kidding, it’s fun when your friends or people you care about do it (in moderation). It’s so not when it’s vice versa.

The Bossy Bullet

bossy smile

This smile gets associated with a bullet because of how fast it can come and how fast it can leave the face of a bossy character, especially your actual boss at work. The sharp upper curve, the subtle sense of conquer and the lightning-speed with which it leaves that face and transforms into a frown are all ideal giveaways of this smile-type.

These eight smiles cover all the basics of how this expression sculpts itself on human faces. They’re also stuff actors and actresses use to perform their roles to perfection. Granted, there are many diverse smile-types out there, but the eight mentioned above are the foundation on which the rest of them stand.

Image Credit: schoolofcuriosity, ripleyhypnotherapyasianfanfics, brownplanet, chacha, fanbox, shakesvillenypost.

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