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There was a moment, a few days back, when a woman named Sakina called me from the Four Fountains Spa. Her contacting me, I soon learned, was meant to invite me to try their spa therapies. To say I was thrilled is an understatement. Here I am, a working homemaker with the promise of bliss, at least for a few hours. I wasn’t going to refuse such a rare offer.

I had come across their website a long while ago and it was on my “give it a shot” list for much longer than that. The Four Fountains Spa has myriad outlets across India of which four are set in Pune. I booked my appointment with the Aundh branch seeing as how it’s relatively closer to where I live.

Four Fountain Spa

Moving on to that iconic moment when I took my first step inside the Four Fountains… The ambience, I immediately discovered, is as welcoming as a cool drink in the heat of summer. The warmth coming from the staff evened things out, offering me a balanced experience—all this before I even got started on my treatment.

I was greeted by Jennifer, a poised and friendly woman, who briefed me on the various therapies the Four Fountains Spa had to offer as she showed me around. I was given the privilege of selecting from an enchanting array of spa-therapies that included Destressing, Detox and Beauty categories. Each type has specially designed methods and/or disciplines, something Jennifer wielded artful patience to explain to me, especially the advantages of each selection and what oils were used and why.

Since I wasn’t feeling too stressed that day I decided to place my finger on the Beauty Aromatherapy Massage. This amazing number includes a complete neck-to-toe massage using essential oils that impart a naturally radiant glow to the skin. She also offered me a complimentary head massage to go with that, and it practically made my week simply hearing her say it.

By the time our tete-a-tete concluded, I was informed my room was ready. The in-house doctor guided me through a stress test and discovered that I fell in the ‘Moderate’ category. I was momentarily introduced to my masseuse Ranjana who was as friendly as she was kind.

four fountain spa2

The therapy room, well, what can I say? It was wonderfully warm and instantly made me feel like I’d entered a realm of unlimited comfort. The aromatic candles and oils, not to mention the soothing music, all worked a certain kind of magic as they carried me through, in my opinion, one of the most perfect spa-experiences I’ve experienced in my whole life.

I’m not sure if the rooms were sound-proof but all I could hear was the calming music, flowing everywhere and adding a touch of relaxed mystery to the space. For this particular feature, I offer five stars. I’ve been to a few spas before and all I could hear were the staff gossiping in the corridor. In comparison, the Four Fountains Spa was a whole other world of awesomeness.

The wonderful strokes, born of professional skill, Ranjana used during the massage worked up the levels of personal calm until my body was—and no undue praise here—thoroughly tranquil to the point that I nodded off halfway through the process. Well, that’s one way to gauge effectiveness, I guess.

The duration of the therapy was only an hour. Ranjana ensured the entire time-frame was fulfilled, which is something other spas claiming to offer 1-hour therapies failed at accomplishing, keeping their service to a maximum of 40-minutes only. The Four Fountains Spa really knows its timing and gives it and their customers due respect.

four fountain spa1

After a nice refreshing shower that followed and a cup of herbal tea to sip on, I felt absolutely rejuvenated. I mean that sincerely, because not even my imagination prepared me for the results I personally experienced under the capable hands of the people at the Four Fountains Spa.

The oils gave my skin that much-touted ‘soft and supple’ appeal. The head massage provided ample relaxation. I was given a free cooling gel and a voucher promising a free massage if I were to visit the Four Fountains Spa again to partake of their services, which I feel fall just short of divine.

Thank you Four Fountains Spa for making my birthday week special and for giving me an experience I’ll not soon forget. I’ve passed word to my friends and, complimentary or not, I believe you’ll be seeing a lot more of me, and most probably a bunch of my girlfriends too, on your hallowed grounds.

Gratitude, for a spellbinding trip to Heaven and back.

Image Credit: Dennis Wong.


  1. That looks good, hope you had a good time

  2. That looks good , hope you had a good time


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