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The second I was invited to review a French restaurant, I immediately felt the stirrings of doubt. For one thing, I was an ignoramus where French dining is concerned and all the styles they use. Having spent years enjoying several superb cuisines, Trois came across as something of an eye opener. It made me believe in what everybody else were saying about the world-class awesomeness of French cooking.

The Chef, Mayur Gadkari, is one of the owners of this charming establishment. He was gracious enough to offer us a brief guided tour, revealing the interesting layout this restaurant Kalyani Nagar has going for it.

I observed four different seating styles, each one having its own appeal.

1. If you like some outdoorsy-dining the patio is your cup of coffee. There’s plenty of beautiful wood-work and tables with sensational dim lighting, certain to bring out the evening calm, especially with the sky in clear view. Sipping wine here is sure to be an awe-inspiring experience. You’ll never feel alone, seeing as how a glass wall separates you from the bar and kitchen inside.

2. Speaking of drinks and the bar, a charming brick-wall design, affectionate lighting, and a well-polished wooden counter is not only capable of inviting you to linger at Trios’ bar but to also engage in some nice conversation with friends.

3. Moving on to the first floor, the first thing you should stop and appreciate is the Mezzanine flooring. Next, turn your eyes to soak up the beautiful yellow lighting all around you, wall textures and also the stencils that adorn it. The owner himself shot one of these pictures, namely a life-sized replica of a wooden bridge, now occupying almost one entire side of the wall-space.

4. Finally, I simply can’t forget the roof-top dining area where a blend of open-air ambiance and elegant service is sure to make your evening a very special one, especially for all you romantics out there.

trois ambience

Chef Mayur next took us to a small garden where he has a smart batch of tomatoes, herbs, garlic, ginger and some other edible plants growing, among which stood a budding lemon tree. All of these, he mentioned, were useful to his cooking, because if the French value one thing about food it’s freshness.

Since my invitation was for a tasting event meant for a select group of bloggers, it’s understandable why a new restaurant with high ambitions like Trois treated us bloggers to an elegant but also highly enchanting spread of food. These were essentially small portions of everything they had on the menu, which means not everyone could taste ‘em all, but that’s the norm for tasting events.

Their wines are mostly international but they did have a few Indian bottles in their collection. It comes as no surprise that Trois has its very own wine cellar, which I learned can hold about 200 bottles of fine wine.

Our bloggers tasting event left us with a ‘priceless’ menu, so forgive me if I keep from commenting on Trois’s VFM (Value For Money).

Speaking of menus, here’s what they had on there. Next to each entry, you’ll read what I personally thought about it.



Trois Kitchen & Wine Bar – The Tasting Menu

1. Mezze platter – Wasn’t exactly a platter but breads and 3 dips namely babaganoush, roast bell pepper dip and hummus. Loved the babaganoush.
2. Vegetable roll with cream cheese or pinwheels – didn’t get to taste it, but it sure looked inviting.
3. Chicken liver pate – didn’t like it, I’m not one for liver so thought I’ll be converted with this one but no.
4. Pork belly with scallops and Crackling – Amazing pork. Will definitely go back for it. The scallops were okay, the presentation nice.
5. Goat cheese with cumin puffs – Goat cheese was perfect. Couldn’t taste the cumin puffs though.

Trois Menu

6. Gnocchi with sage butter and walnut sauce – very very good, it even looked wow.
7. Lamb Bourguignon (Lamb braised in red wine served with Parmesan mash and a creamy, lemon dipper – divine, from the look to the taste!
8. Duck confit – didn’t get to taste it, but I heard it’s not like chicken.
9. Crispy Skinned Salmon Served on a bed of white wine lentils, walnut & coriander pesto – cooked to perfection and impressive presentation
10. Dessert platter including chocolate and pear tart – not as memorable as I’d hoped.
11. Crème Brulee with lemon flavoring – incredibly crispy top and smooth core, totally delish, mm-mmm.
12. Mango Mousse with pineapple and chilli salsa – superb, especially the salsa.
13. Chocolate mousse with Oreo cookies – Let’s just say I’m capable of killing to enjoy this number. Out of this world!

Trois was an experience to remember indeed. The food is overall beautifully presented and delicious. The restaurant’s interior is classy, well decorated and done up with magical yellow lighting that sure does take away years from a person, as the saying goes. The Chef and staff were really gracious, giving polite a whole new definition. I came out of Trois Kitchen & Bar with a willingness to head back inside and try it out for real, like an actual customer. I plan on doing just that someday soon.


  1. RAJESH PATIL says:

    Trois was an experience to remember indeed. The Chef and staff were really gracious.

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