Restaurant Review – Bohemian, Pune

Last night was special. Mr. H had planned a surprise for me. He has his exams going on and this was definitely least expected. But then, I was floored.

What was the surprise? Candle light dinner at Bohemian. After a few drinks at home, we proceeded for dinner. We prefer enjoying drinks at home as I have a well-stocked bar now and can manage to mix some cocktails too. I was told we’d be dining at our regular restaurant and so did not feel the need to carry my camera. But then, when I reached Bohemian, I really wished I had carried it so that this post could have some pictures along with the review.


Nevertheless, here’s my take on Bohemian. The fact that it is nestled amongst the greenery of Chandani Chowk, Pune could have mattered a few years back as the place offered fantastic view of the city. Unfortunately with a lot of high rise buildings under construction, the view is gone. The restaurant is pretty small and is clubbed with Club Oasis which serves Indian food. The terrace seating is better than the main restaurant as the furniture gives you a Boho feel.

The design of the menu is impressive but it has very limited choices. Living up to the theme, the place serves only Mediterranean and European cuisine. Since we had partially stuffed ourselves with a few small eats, we decided to opt for the main course. The starters had an option of ravioli and I definitely wanted to try that.Chicken Tagine

We ordered the Chicken Tagine (INR 375) and Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli (INR 350). The tagine is served with rice, bread or couscous. e preferred having it with couscous since all their pasta dishes come with breads. The presentation was good and so was the taste. The couscous was just perfect- fluffy, light and seasoned to perfection. There cannot be a better accompaniment to the perfectly Mediterranean flavored chicken tagine. The gravy had a very tangy taste due to the tomatoes and a dash of herbs. However, I would prefer the chicken without bones.

The ravioli was delicious but wish it had been shaped well. It is a baked pasta dish and so was topped with a generous amount of cheese. (Perfect for MR.H). The breads were freshly baked and gave a mild taste of herbs. They were served with a dip made of thick cream and mayonnaise flavored with little basil and seasoning. This too pampered my taste buds totally. The portions were decent for the price charged. We had no place for desserts but again, they didn’t offer much choice. Bohemian does have a wide selection of drinks (alcohol) and mocktails. They have some wines to compliment the food too.


It definitely was an evening to remember not only for the delicious food but also because of the SURPISE element.

The only thing that put me off was the washrooms. Stinking and shabby. This is definitely not expected from an upscale restaurant. I hope the owners will take care of this.

For the food, I would definitely visit this place again.

Lifestylerr’s Score Card

2.5  — Ambience

4— Food


3.5— Service

4— VFM


  1. Hey Bhakti! Am so glad I found your blog…you have a lovely blog to get inspired from!

  2. so nice to come across a fellow blogger from the same city:)
    lovely blog…n i must try this place too sounds yumm

  3. Shekhar Pimpalkhare says:

    Thank you for your review of the restaurant. I am sorry that you found the washrooms in a sorry state. I have taken note of it and hopefully the next time you come the washrooms will not be a disappointment. Also the tanginess of the tagine is not just the tomatoes but the pickled lime which is a key ingredient of most tagines.

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