Popsicle on a plate – Flavored Ice Dessert

Popsicle on a plate

Popularly known as GOLA or CHUSKI across India, this dessert can be a close cousin of the popsicle. The only difference is that the latter is flavored water set to freeze while a Gola is flavored crushed ice.

As kids, we would flock around the cart outside our school during summers. Usually, it is served on a stick and flavors are added to it with a bit of seasoning of black salt. In Gujarat, they serve the Gola in many different forms. It’s served in a glass, on a plate and on a stick too. I recently made a trip there and how could I not eat this awesome stuff. Had it nearly everyday and tasted every flavor possible. If you ever chance upon visiting Gujarat, this is one the things you must try.

Gola in a glass

I’ll share the quick with you just so that you can imagine what a treat it is.


  • Finely Crushed Ice
  • 3 tbsp Amul Cream
  • Flavor of your choice (You may use Mapro flavors or squashes for this)
  • 1 tbsp Chopped dry fruits
  • 1 tbsp Desiccated coconut


For crushing ice, you can put the cubes in a bag or in a piece of cloth and with the help of a muddle crush them fine.

Now assemble this crushed ice on a plate in the shape of a dome. You could also put this in a glass.

Add your choice of flavor. It could be chocolate, orange, mixed fruit, blueberry, vanilla, mango, kalakhatta – anything. Just ensure that the juice or squash is not very thick. You may add water to the squash before adding it to your gola.

Now decorate it with the cream, dry fruits and coconut.

There you go you Ice Dish (Dish Gola) or Pyali (Gola in the glass) is ready.

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