Planning a Surprise this Valentine

You’ve gotta hand it to women, they have progressive taste. What does that mean? It’s difficult to find surprise ideas for her? No. Actually, I didn’t get it at first either. It means women have this amazing way of appreciating something that comes with a meaning.

Guys aren’t bad or something just ‘coz they don’t feel stuff this way, it’s just that guys feel it differently. The best time for men to start appreciating this in the women they love is to do so in the present. And the present is staring at a horizon where Valentine’s Day is on its way.

Valentine Hearts

What better time to show her how much you love her? And what better way than to find out what matters most to her and making it happen? A V-Day setting is ideal for an explosion of romantic stirring and a means to cement an existing bond.

Keep in mind, though, that to surprise her is key. This means you’re going to have to stow laziness for the next few weeks and do your homework. As easy as it may be to simply ask her, it’s way more romantic to go out of your way and find out from friends and family who know her what she loves most.

It’s a sad truth that a couple in love aren’t all that erudite about each other in these matters. Maybe it’s because they’re so caught up in the act of romance or even trying to figure out their futures that they fail to learn what the other person loves on a down-to-earth, ultra-average level.

Okay, suppose you’ve figured out that super-special something your girl loves to see happen in her life. The next step is not to over-do things when you go about preparing the surprise. It’s ridiculously easy to lose yourself in the planning and the gathering that you won’t have a clue when you’ve gone beyond a limit.
Why limits to expressing your love to her? Well, this brings back into focus a woman’s ability to feel something on a deeper level than men. Most men—this one included—have to keep limits because it isn’t their fault they don’t wield this ability. To over-do a surprise means to over-communicate your love. You end up imposing the surprise on her than having it alight on her heart strings.

Take a while to understand those earlier lines before you continue reading. A smart decision right now will be for you to approach another woman you trust—Mom included—and ask them for help. You need this day to be perfect? You have to do such things.

Now, moving on to the delivery stage. You’ve thought it up, done your research, set it at that ‘just right’ limit and are now all set to spring it on your girl. Imagining this surprise has people involved in the ‘scream out loud’ moment, be sure they’re all people she knows closely, throw in music she adores and them reveal the surprise.

Now, imagining this is a private moment, where only she and you are involved, a few seconds after the surprise is delivered, move close to her ear and whisper the simplest most meaningful phrase of all.

It has three words and, if you don’t know what it is, you need to do more research, mate! Happy Surprise-Your-Valentine’s Day.

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