Our 100th post


Finally! Here at last, 6 months later, with our 100th post (the one you’re presently reading). This is quite the milestone in Lifestylerr’s history, and I know I can get away with calling it that because I did start from scratch and built up this fort to something worth defending. Unlike history we’ve experienced one of those moments where time has flown as swift as a hawk can dive. The memories, however, live on.

Speaking of time, I Initially never quite had any to put this blog together. Travel and household chores, in addition to sundry everyday obligations and responsibilities, kept me away from this realm of creativity and the singular pleasure it brings me. I soon realized my blog is also one of my responsibilities. Such small beads of thought played the role of encouragers, helping me complete a marathon of posts that has met 100 today.

It took a lot of sacrifice, dedication and actual sweat and toil for Lifestylerr to have come this far, but it’s the people who came along for the journey I most wish to share my gratitude with.

Thank you1Mahesh has been a pillar of support and strength, and I don’t say that simply because of his adept handling of the software side of things on Lifestylerr. It’s been but a year since we were introduced, but since then his active faith in Lifestylerr, a tech-savvy soul, and an ocean of knowledge on all things blogging and more has helped nurture my own personal experiences in this field. His diligent friendship cemented a bond that got me learning just how much there was out there where blogs were concerned and how influential they can be in people’s lives, people like you and people like me.

Mahesh, I thank you for helping me set the spark on this blog and watch as it ignites the sky in a billion facets of priceless wonder every single day in so many people’s lives. You gifted me a new blog-theme as celebration for our 100th post and 6-month effort and for that I have no words to say how much I’ve felt the caress of happiness.

Lifestylerr isn’t a niche blog, meaning we do not focus on one particular topic and have plenty of well-deserved attention, effort and care showered on that one focus. We, me and my friends, did all that and more to grow Lifestylerr up as, well, a lifestyle blog. This veritable portal has you enjoying all sorts of lifestyle topics every week, with fresh and diverse ones coming in all the time.

This immense challenge can get overbearing, which it did. Just when the load of writing several posts everyday got too much to bear, a new pair of hands lent me aid. They belonged to the co-author Joshua Mercott. I thank you, Joshua, for making this journey that much easier. Not only are you a gem of a guy you’re a true Wordsmith whose talent at spinning anything into anything and crafting fresh ideas any hour of the day, as you’ve actually proven to do these past few months, has been a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Your dedication to Lifestylerr’s progress will never be forgotten.

If you who are reading this are thinking I personally know these two gentlemen, the truth is I haven’t actually met either of them. These ‘virtual associates’ have become ace friends and also reliable professionals who I feel are magical to work with everyday on Lifestylerr.

new day

I hate conclusions. Besides, this day marks the beginning of a whole new phase of creativity, fun, thrills and laughs where sharing ideas becomes a blissful deed, where crafting memories comes easy, and every single person who comes to Lifestylerr is welcomed as new friends who will help us grow in some way. After all, we all know something nobody else does. That means we can all make a difference in the world.

From the core of my heart I, Bhakti Sharma, say thank you. Here’s to Lifestylerr touching the lives of more and more people as each day ends with a heart-warming sunset and is born anew in a glorious sunrise. Now, let’s weave some magic!

Image Credit: crescentspeak, comedy_nose, Free Digital Photos.


  1. Hi Bhakti,

    Congrats to you on reaching 100th post. It is a milestone and ALL the BEST for your future..

    Happy Blogging.


  2. Bhakti,I am so proud of you…way to go babes…May your blog touch a million hits very soon. Keep writing,cooking & sharing your experiences,simply love it :) Also looking forward to you launching your cookbook this year,you can do it :)

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