No Equipment Workout for the Perfect Beach Body

Perfect beach body

Now this is something every girl wants. I hope I am right ladies. Flaunting a curvaceous figure and oozing out elegance is the dream of every girl. But you don’t get it easily friends! Attaining a perfect bikini body is the result of stringent workout plans and true dedication. Once attained, a girl can show off her figure by wearing new outfits that are amazing and which attract attention. But as it is said, that great achievements are the results of the sheer hard work. To get a beach body ready here are some workouts and fitness plans that you need to consider. So get ready to rock!

For any health plan to work, you need to target the basics first and these are:

  1. Strength and Muscles Training
  2. Cardio workout
  3. Nutrition

To enjoy remarkable results from the fitness plan we shall combine strength and muscles training along with a cardio workout.

Beach Body Workout

For beach body workout, do the following exercises that should be done to get a well ripped toned shape of the body. Just 20 minute workout is sufficient for a person.

  1. Lunging forward
  2. Jumping a Rope or Run on the spot
  3. T Push ups
  4. Curling the hip
  5. Lunging laterally
  6. Push ups
  7. Bicycle Crunch
  8. Reverse Lunge
  9. Side Plank
  10. Sit-ups
  11. Push-ups, Thrusts, Squats & Jump

This is a workout which can be carried on with absolutely no equipment, not even a jump rope.

Push Ups

How to progress for a beach body workout:

You should train on any three days per week ensuring they are non-consecutive like Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

During first week you should perform every move for 15 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. In the weeks that follow keep adding 5 seconds to the movements but maintain the 15 seconds rest time as before. By the beginning of the 10th week you should be able to perform every exercise or movement for around 60 seconds and the rest period still remains 15 seconds to total up to 20 minutes.

For this particular workout, you must follow the steps above for considerable progress. Don’t run too fast in excitement. The starting phase may be easy and convenient, so enjoy it and do not rush because you have to work hard in the coming weeks.

Exercise and toning are key components to get the suave beach body, but for the perfect feeling and finesse, you need to eat right in addition to your workout. For this, you need a plan that will target fat loss. The plan aims at balancing the excessive carbs that you intake. It consists of a weekday workout plan wherein a weekend off is in the schedule.

If you wish a smooth transition to your new diet plan, then you need to gradually reduce the intake of carbohydrates in the diet. But following all religiously does not mean that the transition happens to a very lean unattractive figure.

This is the simple process you need to follow:

The Day Diet Work:

  • 1st Week: Diet plan to be only on Tuesday & Thursday.
  • 2nd Week: Diet plan to be only on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • 3rd Week: Diet plan to be followed every day except Wednesday.
  • 4th Week: Diet plan from Monday to Friday.

This plan should take you to the goal of losing calories and getting shape of your dreams without much strain. Now happy?

Though Saturday and Sunday is the time you are allowed to eat practically anything, but best to eat healthy food only. You can surely succumb to food cravings because weekdays you need to get stringent again. Now, jump on and get started!!

Drink Water

What to Drink:

  1. Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water every day. Even more if you can.
  2. Try to dismiss drinks that contain sugar and caffeine and also beverages that contain artificial sweeteners.
  3. Appropriate drinks for the plan include green or herbal tea that is free of caffeine, natural or fresh juices, fat free butter milk and the best of all luke warm water with lemon.
  4. Juices must be consumed in very small amounts and usually diluted with water to avoid the excess sugar content.
  5. Aerated drinks are best avoided. If at all you do feel like having a soda, select the natural ones. Stay away from caffeine.

Such stringent plan for sure would guarantee you girls an attractive beach shape making heads turn for sure. Now this is what you girls want.  Right ladies?

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