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It was a boring afternoon that day and I was preparing for a siesta after lunch. Suddenly I heard the bell ring and when I opened the door, there was this courier guy with a small package for me. That day in the morning I had enquired with a shipping company about a package that I was so desperately waiting for and was told that it would reach me only by the next day. When I saw the package in the hands of the courier boy, I had no idea that it was going to be that thing. I opened up the package to see the contents and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Nexus 4 box inside the hard brown cardboard packing.

For all those who might be wondering “What’s a Nexus 4 ?”. Well, this was the thing I had been wanting since it was launched back in October 2012. I have been using an android phone since two years and have read plenty about them. Although my current phone is in no way ‘old’ and performs really well, one look at Nexus 4 was enough to make me want it. The thing that I have realized after reading so much about android phones is that if it is an android, it has to be a Nexus !


So coming to what Nexus 4 is. Its the fourth generation phone in the Nexus line that runs on the android platform and is marketed by Google. Every year, Google chooses one company from the members of the android alliance to manufacture the Nexus. The best part about the Nexus phones is that not only does it have the state of the art hardware but the direct software support that they get from Google. The software support is a gripe for most android users as the companies who sell these phones rarely bother to upgrade the software in step with android updates that Google pushes out.

It all began a few days back when my wife saw me drooling over while I was reading a review of the Nexus 4 on the internet. She being so kind said “My phone is not working very well. Why don’t you buy this one and give me yours?” Though it sounded great but knowing that this phone wasn’t launched in India, kind of made me go.. “nah”. Meanwhile I happened to read about this forwarding service by the name of PPObox which allows people from India to buy stuff from the US and ships it overseas. This was just one of the ways to buy Google Nexus 4 in India. I read a lot to be sure that if at all I decide to but the Google Nexus 4 in India from the US, the process should be hassle free and safe.

So the decision was taken and the process began. I created an account with PPObox and they gave me an address in the US to which I could get the phone delivered. I went ahead to Google play store using a VPN service and tricked them into thinking that I was located inside the US and placed an order for the Nexus 4 (16 Gb) using the address that PPObox gave me and paid using my Indian credit card. I had read about a few instances of orders not going through and delays in shipping, so I was very skeptical about the whole process. I was given a period of two weeks by Google within which my phone would be shipped to the US address.


The long wait then started for me and the kind of impatient person that i am, I used to keep checking my Google Wallet account and mailbox every few hours for any updates. On the third day, Google mailed me saying that my phone was shipped via UPS two day service. I was elated and at the same time got even more anxious that my wait period was cut short, thanks to Google. I kept tracking the package on the UPS website and even started mailing the PPObox team to take updates from them. The package got delivered to my US address on day three, which meant that Google actually shipped my phone on the second day of ordering. This was great as I had read that people had waited for two weeks sometimes for their order to be shipped. The phone was delivered at about 12:30 PM to the US address and PPObox really impressed me by shipping the phone to India on the very same day.

I was now growing more impatient and just couldn’t wait any longer. The phone arrived in India on the fifth day after ordering which happened to be a Friday. I was kind of disappointed thinking that the custom clearance would take some time as they work only till lunch on Saturdays. I contacted the local office of PPObox who asked me to make another payment for international shipping and customs clearance charges. I was told that the phone would be shipped locally on Monday.

An eventful wait period suddenly got over on Monday afternoon, much to my surprise and the Nexus 4 was in my hands.

The phone, I must say is a beauty. A review and some photographs are on their way in my next post. so stay tuned guys …

This guest post is by Umesh Sharma – A proud Owner of the Google Nexus 4 and my husband Smile with tongue out


  1. Lovely post . You made me wanting for more. Why only box you should have showed the gadget atleast. waiting eagerly for next .

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