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First of all, diligent readers, I apologize for the slow blog-posting in the past week. As you already know from Joshua’s recent post, it was my 30th birthday last week and for a change I decided to celebrate the entire week instead of just a day. After all, you enter this golden phase just once.

Monday blues were alleviated with a nice shopping spree with my better half, who mind you is very impatient when it comes to the fine art of shopping. But he kept his cool throughout the 3-4 hours involved with me hopping from one store to the other and getting far too less for all that traveling. Personally, there couldn’t have been a better start to my birthday week.

Tuesday afternoon came along rather fast (time does indeed fly when you’re having fun) and I kept an appointment with the Four Fountains Spa for a wonderful therapy and head massage I was offered free so I can review their style. The same day held another event lined up (courtesy Lifestylerr’s allure, hehe) namely the Chickender evening with “Chicken Comes First” (CCF) which opened its very first outlet right here in Pune. I tagged my fitness trainer Mrs. Anureet Adhikari along but warned her that she should not watch my calorie intake. (:P) It was quite the horror show.


Chicken Comes First (CCF) had this super lively ambiance and the lip smacking delicacies are sure to keep me coming back again and again, if only I hadn’t an exercise regiment to maintain. Thanks to the team at CCF, Rahul Misra (the man behind Brand Marketing), Asif and Jay (Restaurant Managers, both of them). They made us comfortable and helped us select our eatables.

The fiery burgers and pops (nuggets) they cooked up in their kitchens came perfectly balanced by their Chilbergz. The place also has a wide selection of vegetarian fare to pick from. We loved the Green Apple, Chat Masala Lime and Pomegranate Chilbergz. Loaded with calories but with a taste that lingered all the way back home, another day ended with a flourish to remember.

Wicked Wednesday (as my better half would soon christen it) came with plans for another shopping spree. I picked up yet another thing or two, and only after a couple of hours of shopping so I guess I’m going real fast with my shopping (:P).

Enter, Thursday –the day before the Day. The afternoon saw me booked with Kutz for a special haircut. Santo has magic-fingers. After ages of not getting my hair done I loved what Santo the magic-stylist did to me. Very much like an American, I spent this evening cooking for the next day as I didn’t want to spend my birthday in the kitchen. Besides, I had lunch plans with friends from my Weight Management class (ironic, I know!); hubby dear ate lunch at home.


The day ended with a simple yet sensational midnight celebration which ushered in its own bag of surprises. I am now the proud owner of a solitaire (thanks to Umesh dear, he knew diamonds are after all a girl’s best friend). Also worth mentioning is that he drove miles in the scorching heat to get my favorite Tiramisu cake from the bakery I love. Suja’s present came next and so did Joshua’s stylish gift that made its way intact all the way from Chennai to dazzle Pune, through me of course ( ;) ).

It’s Friday at last, officially my birthday. Celebrations began with the Zumba class where I was given my first ever birthday bumps. The all-girls luncheon at Bohemian went off like a charm of super-duper proportions. Friends came over in the evening to wish me.

A romantic dinner surprise was planned at the Evviva Sky Lounge at Courtyard by Marriott. Whoaaaa…! Between the breathtaking vista, the rich ambience, and the love of my life sitting opposite me, I paid a visit to a little bit of paradise. Keep your eyes peeled on Lifestylerr for a more satiating review on my Marriott experience.

With loads of good wishes from friends and family and a bag full of gifts, I turned 30. It was indeed a memorable and fun birthday, one whose memories will stay with me forever, and that I can look back on when classic-40 comes calling. J


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