Masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani and Launch of Real Good Chicken Strips


Last week was eventful, and how. Three back-to-back events were waiting to pounce on us and I have much to blog about. Also, Valentine’s was around the corner and I hardly had any time to prepare. But as they say, there’s something good in every problem. One of the events happened to be my silver lining savior – The Masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani in association with Real Good Chicken and GourmetItUp.

Chef Vicky Ratnani Masterclass cooks Real Good Chicken Strips

After enjoying an awesome lunch on Wednesday at Terttulia Pune, I was back there on Thursday (just a day before Valentine’s) for this super Masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani. Now you may wonder what makes it so special that I call it my silver lining savior?

The Masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani


As I said before, Thursday was the day before Valentines Day and when you are attending a Masterclass session hosting the oh-so-famous Chef Vicky Ratnani, you know you will have an excellent menu for your celebration by the end of the class. That’s exactly what happened to me. The event started quite late from the scheduled time. The celebrity Chef isn’t to be blamed, mind you, coz he arrived well before time. Guess the organizers were running a bit slow on things. Whatever the cause of the slight delay, the wait was killing me.

While we immersed ourselves in conversation with Megha from the event’s PR side and Mr. Nageswaran from Real Good Chicken, we realized they were also launching a new product (the Real Good Chicken strips; no wordplay intended ;) at this Masterclass. Needless to say the class was all about using Real Good Chicken strips or ‘Strips of Love’ (awww) as Chef Vicky Ratnani called them to create mouthwatering Valentine Dishes.

Chef Vicky Ratnani Masterclass cooks Real Good Chicken Strips

Desserts (as much as I adore them) on Valentine’s are old school, I agree. I believe no perfect meal can be without them concluding it, even one themed for the Day of Lovey-Doveyness. But then love is all about Spicing it Up to and not just Going it Sweet. ;)

The three chicken dishes were practically designed to entice the palate and get some love flowing around, thanks to the aphrodisiacs (ingredients) that went into their make. ‘Chef Charming’ created three dishes that required less than 10 minutes to plate, especially if you have them pre-prepped. It was fun interacting with him, learning a tip or two on how to make some of these marvels, how long they usually take and so on. Coming from a chef, these tips were cuisine gold.

After all this talk of food, we were eagerly awaiting the tasting sessions. Once it was all done, we just couldn’t resist having more. The organizers made sure each of us take big portions of the pasta and chicken back home that Chef Vicky Ratnani cooked with of course Strips of Love. The goodie bags also included a pack of the Real Good Chicken Strips.

Masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani cooks Real Good Chicken Strips

Real Good Chicken Strips

Masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Fun Na, we had stuff ready to make our meal the next day, to try and replicate the enchanting time we had earlier. Making a valentine dish with chicken strips was sure going to be fun and the rewards were definitely going to be heart warming. That was exactly how our day ended at Masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani in association with Real Good Chicken and GourmetItUp.

Masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani Pune


Now, you know I’m not gonna leave anything out for you guys if I can share it. So here’s my take on the Real Good Chicken Strips. Get prepped and let’s cook.

About Real Good Chicken Strips:

“These fall under the fresh chicken brand and are made out of fresh tender breast and come with 2 different seasoning mixes – the Lemon & Pepper and the Hot & Spicy. While Chicken strips can be used to cook an instant snack, there is no limit to innovations a homemaker can create with it. All in all, the Real Good Chicken Strips provide the customer with a new experience that combines convenience, taste and proteins.”

Real Good Chicken Strips Review:

Since I received a pack of these strips in the goodie bag, I tried them at home. All I did was just marinate it with the Lemon & Pepper seasoning for 10 minutes and then seared them in olive oil 2-3 minutes each side. They are soft, tender, juicy and delicious without any extra additions. I am definitely going to pick up some more of these for cocktail snacks. For just Rs.125 for a 300gm pack, they are a great buy.

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