Mama, Take Care–Tips for new moms


Congratulations, Jubilations and plenty of Joy to you! You’ve become, or are about to become, a new mom. Who knew that tiny little bundle of joy could put so much pressure on you, personally, while also bringing you so much happiness.

A new mom needs to take care of herself. After all, your baby needs someone to aspire to when he or she grows up. Besides, you owe it to yourself to take care of you so you can be a better mom to your baby.

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This is extremely important. As excited as you may be about the cutie-in-the-cradle, you need to take the first few weeks to rest up, even if your delivery was a normal one.

A newborn naturally wakes up at least once every three hours. That’s the time your infant requires feeding, changing and comforting. You can’t keep up with that kind of service if you’re fatigued, so try tricks like…

relaxSleeping on the baby’s bed time so you can catch some much needed shut-eye.

Moving your baby’s bed closer to your own so feeding gets that much easier to carry out.

New moms then have the urge to entertain guests. Not of their own free will, but when they come calling to see your little bundle of joy. Sorry to say this, but say no if you feel too tired to share their company, New-Mom.

If it’s good for you, certainly those friends (and probably those relatives) will get the picture and let you indulge in some rest and relaxation. Let nanny and daddy be of help wherever needed. It’s okay to opt for massages for restoring body shape as well as helping you de-stress.


This is the next obvious thing. The amount of stuff your body loses pre-pregnancy, during and after can’t be compensated by medicine alone. Food is the need of the hour and, unlike the times you binged when your baby was inside you, it’s now time to get healthy again. Your food choices should start to reflect that very idea.

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Don’t worry, the weight you put on during pregnancy will serve to aid in breastfeeding and, of course, your own personal recovery. One of the smartest advices out there for new moms is to eat when they get hungry, like they used to do when pregnant, only now to eat healthy so their breast milk develops extra nutritive value.

Follow a food pyramid, it’s simple and easy and doesn’t take too much time off your busy baby-schedule. On that food pyramid, be sure you find these…

1. Oils: Fish, veggie oils and nuts have sound nutrition-aspects inside them. Be certain you know how much sugar/salt/fats you’re personally allowed to consume (your doctor will help you there). Butter and its cousins, namely lard, shortening and stick margarine, are must-avoids. Keep away from foods that even contain these things.

2. Fruits: These are your new best friends, only ones you’re gonna eat! Any type of fruit, in whatever form it comes in, is great. So, New-Mom, gorge on these must-eats.

3. Grains: Agreed, you ain’t a bird, but grains are great for you nonetheless. Whole grains are superb. Append the word ‘whole’ to stuff like wheat flour, bread and cornmeal and you’re good to go. Also include brown rice and oatmeal.

4. Veggies: You must already have seen this one coming. Opt for dark-green colored veggies and ones that are orange-hued. Try ‘em all, in fact. They help as much as fruits do.

5. Milk: This is yet another essential food element to take every day. Your bone tissue sure can do with the calcium and vitamin D milk and its many products possess.

6. Beans & Meat: Protein, which meat is mostly comprised of, must be lean. Lean (low fat) meat and poultry are important for new moms, not any other type. Go for beans, legumes and peas to add balance.

Try sticking to these foods for the time being. The food pyramid mentioned above (daddy can make a chart of it for you) is easy to follow and ideal.

Coping With Emotional Roller-Coasters

New-Moms, in case you’re wondering who those emotional roller-coasters are, you need only look in the mirror. No worries and no offense, it’s only natural to feel ‘off’ often.


One of the most obvious stress-causes is work around the house. A home that needs maintaining, a husband that needs feeding and relatives that need as much coddling as your newborn can all be very pressurizing. Simply ask or demand Daddy and the old-folks do some work to help out and trust your instincts on how to handle the talking. Grocery shopping, cooking, and even childcare every now and again are all too much for just your parents, in-laws and hubby to handle, so ask friends who have the time and energy to balance the workload.

  • As long as you’re at least 90% stress-free, you’re all set.
  • Foods, like the ones detailed in the earlier section, keep you active and your hormones in sync so that helps keep you happy most of the time.
  • Familiarity sure can be a useful thing right about now, so check out support groups where other new-moms come to swap stories, hang out, learn and grow together.
  • Depression is a totally natural thing to feel, but you and your cute baby deserve better.
  • Think of the good things as much as you unintentionally ponder the bad.
  • Take your depression by surprise and do something fun you never thought you’ll do at that time. This counter-intuitive approach can help you in hundreds of ways.
  • Don’t worry, it’s just all those hormones that make you feel this blue, so make the most of sad moments and let music, good literature, home videos and memorable movies play a large role in your life so you feel great, even if you sometimes have to force yourself to feel that way.
  • It’s all based on simple logic: Sometimes when you pretend to feel happy, you end up feeling it for real!

Once again, Felicitations, Gratulations, Fireworks are going up for you on this special day and Flowers come floating down. Have fun, New-Mom and New-Born. Here’s to happy days ahead, especially after all those irregular wake-up hours have become history.


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