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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of leather boots? Definitely the cowboy looks. As winters approach, it’s time to buy boots or get them out of your closet and start using them.

However if you want to maintain this look and charisma of leather boots you must know how to take care of your leather boots. Preserving is not only taking care but to add sheen and life to your boots.

No matter how much you can spend on your leather boots or whether you cannot buy another leather boot (good ones are definitely expensive), you must know the right way to take care of your boots.


Girls love their boots and so you definitely have one favorite pair with you. Also accept the fact that it is one of your expensive investments. Therefore, it is very important to preserve this future collectible. This probably applies to any of your leather products.

Caring for your leather boots?

Leather is a delicate material, without proper care it easily dries off and eventually cracks. Imagine you are out with friends and suddenly your leather cracks and falls apart. Embarrassing, isn’t it? If you do not want to face this situation, you must take care of your leather boots.

The four steps, which you must know if you want to protect your leather, are:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Weatherproofing or preserving

There is a great difference between care for suede leather and smooth leather.

The products, which you require to preserve leather, are easily available in general stores or even shoe repair stores. In case if you do not have enough time to take care of your leather boots, try some leather shoe repair stores.

The list of items required for leather boot care is:

  • Soft cotton rags or clothes
  • Gloves
  • Shoe brush
  • Newspaper
  • Smooth leather shoe cleaner
  • Leather conditioner for smooth leather shoes
  • Leather protectant or weatherproofing protectant

Dirt and dust are the enemies of your favorite cowboy boots. You must dust the dirt with damp cloth. This will keep the dirt away from the microscopic fibers of leather and make the leather strong and durable.

You must condition your leather boots once they are clean. Once you have cleaned them with damp cloth, let them dry. This will help the conditioner to penetrate deep within the pores of the leather and then the leather will become pliable and soft. Look for lanolin based conditioners they are best for your boots. Too much of oil based conditioners or conditioners with wax clog the pores of your leather. This will attract dust and make your leather dry out soon.

Boots in Closet

If you want to give your leather boots a fresh and rejuvenated look, apply cream based polish. This polish will cover all the scratches and give your leather boots a glossy finish.

Cleaning of smooth leather shoes:

If you want to clean your leather shoes or boots, you can use smooth leather shoe cleaner or even a saddle soap. However, this is especially for smooth leather boots.

There are many forms of shoe cleaners like creams, liquids, gels, foams and sprays. Often you will see an applicator top with the shoe cleaners. With a soft brush, you can remove the dirt and dust from the shoe surface. Dusting will also remove dirt from the cracks of shoes.

After you have cleaned your shoe, let them dry. Once the shoes are completely dry, begin the shinning of the shoe with a soft cotton cloth. You get shoeshine cloth in the market. In case if it is not, available look for an old t-shirt or anything soft cotton cloth.

Conditioning of leather boots:

For softening of your leather shoes or boots, you have to condition your shoes well. People who stay in dry areas must take proper care of their leather shoes otherwise the leather would crack and fall off.

Pink boots

There are some shoe cleaning products which will eventually clean and condition your leather shoes. However, if you are looking for full treatment, use different products for cleaning and conditioning separately. The first step should be cleaning and then comes conditioning.

There are specific conditioners for specific shoes. Therefore, you must know which conditioner you are buying for which type of leather shoes. Always look for a natural conditioner, which is absorbed easily by the shoe material. Synthetic conditioners are cheaper but they would not penetrate deep within the pores of the leather. It will stay on the shoe surface and attract more dust.

Rub small portion of conditioner on the shoes surface and let it dry for a while and then remove the excess conditioner by rubbing it off with a cotton cloth.

You definitely don’t want to be embarrassed by your shoes when you are dressed to the nines. Shoes for the foundation of any look your don. In fact most people will judge you by your footwear too. So it is quintessential that you take care of your boots. Besides, aren’t they your priced possession?

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