Look Like A Goddess This Summer


It’s that time of year and they call it summer. The sizzle that comes with this season reveals tons of chances to look divine. Whether you’re just waking up and planning on sitting in today, entertaining guests or going out, a good day look where makeup is concerned can make or break your style statement.


Here are all the pointers you need to get started… remember as you read you’re going for that healthy lively look, full of confidence, vibrancy and cool-calm appeal. Your aim is to look inhumanly beautiful and why not?


Sexy Eyes

1. Waterproof makeup, especially mascara and foundation, is a must-use. You can’t go wrong with this. If you suddenly burst into tears, that’s sure to make your makeup run like the River Nile on steroids and not to mention the summer heat and sweat and such like. You can avoid all this with that itty-bit increase in your makeup budget so you can get yourself some waterproof ‘gear’. Beach holidays and weddings are examples of occasions where waterproof makeup—like mascara, to name one on the list—can come in mighty handy. When you go for such makeup items, don’t forget to buy oil-based removers, otherwise you’ll face a tough time getting it off. You’ll probably look like a spooked raccoon or frightened panda if you tried something hasty.

summer eyes

2. Heading to eye-shadow, close cousin to that earlier point, neutral shades are perfect for summer. Have a little eye-liner and/or some mascara to go with that and you’ll have that jazzy classy look, filled with life, ready to party. Here’s where you can play with colors and how best to mix and match. Keep your eye-liners in neutral mode. If you want an alternative to black eye-liner, opt for choco-brown, brown-black or just plain brown will do.

3. A little concealer under the eye never hurt anyone. It will add to your radiant appeal and make you feel more confident, especially if you’ve dark circles or puffy eyes from a late night yesterday.

3. Shaping those eyebrows is absolutely essential. You cannot say no to this. Thick eyebrows are crazy, they may look great on some women but slim is glam for everyone else. So get yourself booked into your preferred salon and get those eyebrows shaped to perfection.

Pretty soon you’ll have one of the sexiest pair of eyes this side of summer, eyes that act like siren songs to men everywhere, luring us in and depriving us of every sense we thought we knew.

Grace Your Face


1. Blush away, not the baboon-butt-red you usually go when someone or something embarrasses you beyond words. I’m referring to that brushed-up blush your cheekbones can’t go without this summer. In addition to imparting that ideal health-glow appeal, it’s extremely feminine in the classic sense of the word, and that’s something you can tap into this hot season. You can either use an ultra-fine powder or a light cream, whichever you prefer, and you’ll still give off that stand-alone look. Design is everything with this number, so be sure you know how you wanna apply it: along the cheekbones or only on the apples of your cheeks (the rounded curvy area of your cheekbones).

2. Keep these next two words in mind: Bronzing Powder. This enchantment single-handedly gets you that attractive sun-touched hue and it’s sensational to see it on a woman during this hot season. Get sound opinions on shades that suit your skin tone else you’ll look too orangey. Bronzing powder, they say, is the stuff that makes goddesses of mortal women.

Lips That Kill

lip gloss

1. Lip Balms are great for when you want to have that casual-sexy look or if you want to apply as little color as possible. A colorless lip balm can work wonders at making your lips look soft, smooth and supple.

2. Lip Glosses, on the other hand, are colorless but bring in plenty of superb shine. When it catches the sun it transforms your lips into a pair of bejeweled beauties.

3. Lipsticks are the common favorite but these specific lip-transformers will never become clichés. Get the right color to go with your skin tone and you’ll be all set to work powerful magic on male senses (I’m swooning just writing this).

Last Words

Smiling woman applying cream on face at home

1. Getting makeup that has SPF-15 or higher is very important this summer. You can tan easy even with makeup on, not to mention all the other things the harsh sun can do to you—the usual rote goes like this: ‘Aging, sun spots and fine lines’. But most of that can be avoided with amazing SPF. If you’re naturally tanned, there are myriad makeup options out there to use on that beautiful toasty skin to turn the heads of every dude in town.

2. If your chosen foundation or powder or both feel too heavy on your skin, which is known to happen in summer time, go for tinted moisturizer instead. Granted, it won’t have the same effect, but hey something’s gotta give, right? Remember to apply that tinted moisturizer with a damp sponge to better even it out.

Okay, girls, ladies, women and other levels of human females reading this… Prepare to become goddesses with the power to wield the love of mankind and make it look so ridiculously easy people will assume you really do have divine powers. Or maybe it’s just us dudes who lose control of our legs at the sight of a gorgeous other-worldly woman walking among us. We know, we know, you’re waaaay out of our league, but you can’t blame a guy for dreaming big!


Image Credits: theprofessionaldiva.


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