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What sets the mood for a cocktail evening? Ambience, people..nah! I’d say the glittering stylish glasses. While it is nice to know your drinks and the cocktail combos, its quintessential to know your glasses. You don’t want to serve whiskey in a beer mug is it?

bar glasses

So here you go. I’ve tried and shared tips on holding the type of glass where necessary.

Martini Glass

The classic and uber sexy glass which exuberates as much elegance as a lady who sips from it. Best held from the stem to avoid the drink from getting warmer.

Martini Glass

Brandy Goblet

Also known as the Brandy balloon or Sniffer, this glass is held by cupping the base.

Brandy glass


Highball Glass

Also known as the Collins, this one is perfect for serving cocktails or fruit based drinks. The taller it is, better as it will be a visual delight of the colors from fruits.

Highball Glass

Lowball Glass

Commonly known as the Whiskey glass but used to serve any kind of drinks (vodka, whiskey, rum) on the rocks or mixed, this glass has a wide range of choices in shapes.

Whiskey Glass

Shot Glass

Who doesn’t know about it! This tiny little piece of glassware spells fun and celebration just like champagne does. It’s best held from the bottom.

shot glass

Champagne Flute

This glass is a must if you wish to see the dance of the bubbles when you pour out the sparkling wine from the bottle. For a drink of this caliber, only the flute can do justice.

Champagne Flute

White wine Glass

Most people consider a regular wine glass as appropriate for both types of wine. Well, the tradition is to serve them in different glasses and while it is not mandatory, some knowledge on the correct glass to be used is of no harm obviously. Besides, your guests (if connoisseurs of wine) will be highly impressed.

white wine glass

Red Wine Glass

This image will help you spot the difference between the two.

Red Wine Glass

Beer Mug

This one needs no introduction. The bigger the better is all I would say.

Beer Mug

Beer Pilsner

Beer Pilsner

Hurricane Glass

Perfect for serving summer cocktails and mocktails like the Blue Lagoon or Pinacoladas, this one is a must at your bar. Most glasses need to be held at the bottom so as to maintain the temperature of the drink.

Hurricane Glass

Cocktail Glass

Another variation of cocktail glasses and the type usually used to serve Mojitos and Margheritas, this one appeals the eye the most.

cocktail Glass

Liqueur Short Glasses

Liqueur is usually served at the end of the meal and best served in small portions in these elegant glasses. In case you don’t have these, the regular shot glasses can be used to serve liqueur. But serving them in any glass bigger than this will be blasphemy.

liquer glass

There you are. Now you know what’s missing in your bar. So go shopping this week!

And then enjoy the weekend in high spirits! Happy Drinking Smile with tongue out

Image Credit: Dinner Series, thegift73, tvol, SteveNakatani, Unlisted Sightings, imgdive, dansmith_flickr, prayitno.


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