James Rollins — Sandstorm

SandstormAs far as Action-Adventure writers go, there have been so many of them, men as well as women, who deserve to be called awesome. But one man stands out in that crowd and his name is James Rollins.

There are plenty of works attributed to him, but seeing as how this is a one-book review, let’s delve into Sandstorm, his first installment in the Sigma Force series each of which has enjoyed time on the bestseller podium.

Rollins writes in a style that’s designed to grip readers. It has that ideal balance every author aspires to and every reader craves to find when they open to the first page of a book. Sandstorm has Painter Crowe in the shoes of the protagonist. He works for a covert arm of the US Government called DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). In DARPA, there’s a sub-group called Sigma Force.

These are not an adrenaline-loving bunch of trigger-happy guys, no way. The agents working herein, men and women, comprise soldiers with highly-honed military training and specializing in one or more areas of science.

I’m itching to reveal so much about so much, but let me just stick to what Painter Crowe does after receiving news of an explosion in the British Museum. Yes, the story is set in modern-day, so that’s one plot-run you’re sure to enjoy. Mercenaries, and not the cool action-hero types, come out to play havoc. They’re led by a man whom Painter assumed was a friend.

This man, and I’m not revealing any names, desires one prize above all else. And it’s somewhere in the Middle East in a legendary but impossible location called the Atlantis of the Sands. That’s as far as I’m going to reveal by way of plotline.

Throw in awesome technology, superb action scenes that make you feel you’re really there, and one of the best senses of timing an author can possess, and you have yourself a book you’ll never forget.

Aside from leaving you craving for more, there’s one other fact about Rollins’s work you should know. Notice I saved the best for last. His stories use a bunch of actual facts. I mean, you’d be so shocked your pants will drop when you learn what’s real and what’s not in his books.

The man is kind enough to save you the research and provides in his book what he took from the historical record and what he ‘fictioned’ up. This is one of the best things about James Rollins’s work, that he can enthrall, entertain and expose so much of our world, confine it in the pages of a book and balance them out so well you’ll never lose track of the story.

This being my very first book review for Lifestylerr, I thought it best I start with a writer whom I adore beyond reckoning. Sandstorm has held me glued to the pages and, hey, I’m someone who puts the bookmark in more often than he sits down to read. That’s how I know this book isn’t just good, it’s great.

Rollins rules!

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Rating: 10
Thrill Quotient: 10
Believability: 9
Writing Style: 10

Target Audience: Anyone who loves action, adventure, that singular adrenaline rush, cool technology, and plots that make you feel you were part of something so real you’d close the book only to feel you haven’t left the essence of the story behind.

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