Introducing “A Chance for Darkness”


I am super thrilled to introduce my co-author and very dear friend Joshua Mercott as an up and coming author. I know him as an avid reader and now he’s taking a leap (a major one) in the world of literature with his first novel “A Chance for Darkness”. So Joshua, I know in my heart that it’s going to be a best seller and I can’t wait to grab a copy from the stands. The readers at Lifestylerr along with me are waiting for THE MOMENT.



When the Nephilim were exiled from the blue planet, they were forced to leave behind a powerful weapon known only to them.

The youngest rebel Malakor, is sent to retrieve it, triggering a chain of events which brings formidable forces into play.

The guardians of Earth in the Elder Realm, are forced to take five human teenagers from their ordinary lives, in the hope that they can fulfill an ancient prophesy. Do these five hold the key to saving the planet?

Forming unlikely alliances with a vampire, a good demon, a psychic, a powerful boy-prophet and a washed up private eye, this Human Pentacle must stop the ensuing chaos.

Lucifer herself has been preparing for this battle, in a war that began long before humanity came to be. Is this ‘a chance for darkness’ to dominate once and for all?

Note from Joshua

Hi, everyone. I do not personally know most of you but we have met through my writing here on Lifestylerr. This blog has been and always will be a platform for me to communicate ideas and experiences related to lifestyle.

Reading is included on that list, I’m sure, which brings me to convey my very lucky chance in landing an awesome British publisher by the name of Penrose Publishing who’ve decided to give my first novel—A Chance For Darkness; Book 1 of the New Age series—a ‘chance’ in the world of books.

There’s so much to share and the timing is perfect, so I’d love nothing better than to have you come along with me on this journey.

You can start by signing up here so when the book comes out you’ll be the first to know and also be sent a free Chapter 1 to read.

By joining Penrose’s database you help in ways only the people behind the scenes can truly understand, much more than me.

I thank you in advance for taking this first step as a reader and friend for without you us writers have nothing to show for our work, explorations through imagination and passion to create worlds, characters and experiences where none existed before.


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