Instant Calm-Down Tricks When You’re At The Office

So, the day is boring, life is hard, work is getting on your nerves as usual and you start losing yourself to all sorts of thoughts, trying to find that one spot of distraction that will get your head back in the game. After all, you could be fired otherwise, sooner or later, not to mention other trouble-zones, adding to your need to relax and do it in less than a minute.

Office Stress

How to keep calm at the office is one of the most sought after queries around the world, because quite simply people just can’t stand their jobs anymore. Removing stress at the workplace may sound rather tough or tricky, but it’s actually pretty simple. As long as you’re willing to be a bit silly in your private stress-ridding time you’re good to go.

Scent: Take a small piece of something whose scent you know calms you down. Whenever you’re feeling too wound up fish out this scented object and take a deep whiff. It does wonders in de-stressing your system while filling you up with powerful positive memories and sensations. The nose is indeed very useful when it comes to centering your thoughts.

Stress-Sponges: So many of us are prone to forming fists and clenching our jaws out of frustration, disappointment or downright hate. You may have seen those stress-sponges they sell almost everywhere these days, the ones with smiley faces, sphere-shaped and extremely soft. Pressing down on one in each hand sparks a process of nerve stimulation that eases the blood flow and calms you down. Breathe deeply when you do this. You help soothe your blood flow through nice deep breaths.

Humming: In addition to being a trick to de-clog your sinuses so you can breathe better, the act of humming forces your mind to focus on the favorite song you’ve selected to hum. By getting caught up in the song and trying to hum it right, you will soon find yourself calm and relaxed, especially when you start getting into the beat and rhythm you hear in your mind.

Scribbles & Doodles: Keep a separate diary or notebook for this, because you don’t want it becoming part of your office work. Whenever you’re feeling listless or mentally wandering simply flip these pages open and doodle a diagram or whatever else you like, even random and horrendous scribbling helps. This again drags your attention away from thinking too much about the problem you’re facing and makes you ‘work it off’ so to speak. The sound of the pen or pencil makes against the paper and the sense of doing something eases your nerves in incredible ways. You’ll even find your breathing slowing down, which is one of the best ways to calm down.

Calming down

No More Thinking: Once you lose yourself in the process of thinking too much on every single thing affecting you, there’s a huge chance you’re going to meet depression along the way. Coming out of that particular cess pool will be harder than you might think, so it’s best that whatever issue you’re having, think only on the most needful points and leave the unknowns out. You save yourself a circus full of trouble this way while spending time setting priorities in this or that problem you’re looking to solve.

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  1. Oh I am glad to read this post..Indeed this tips are really very helpful and work as stress buster.

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  3. Till now I have only tried humming… Thanks a lot for this article :)

  4. Till now I have only tried humming… Have to try ut the new stuffs :)

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