How To Throw A Budget Beach Party


The rupee is hitting a low while the party mood is ever-growing. Such a weird summer situation opens many other doors, a budget beach party being one. How do you throw an inexpensive one while still making the most of it? Here’s how…

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Beach Party2The most important effort you can take is choosing a nice location on the beach. Stay away from trouble spots where word on the street says robberies and such center, and get all the proper permissions for alcohol allowance and putting up themed decorations. This encompasses your location planning and helps set you up for party success.

One more factor to consider when you choose a beach party spot is nearness to eateries, restrooms, the ocean and the road. This is easier than it sounds. All you need do is go there ahead of time and pin down a zone you like.

As you can imagine, this first step will take some running around but as you can also imagine, the eventual effect will be awesome.


Beach party decorBased on the theme you have in mind, go get your decorations custom-made. It’s essentially a wholesale market out there where customizations are concerned and chances are you already have a friend who has connections in this business-field. Either way, you can save a lot more money than store-shopping where you end up paying approximately twice the product value.

Whether you plan on going minimal or all out, you’re sure to influence the very mood of your beach party with something as simple as décor choices. From flag elements that flutter in the beach breeze to create that singular ‘free’ effect to banners or simple colored poles and whatnot, you’re sure to wow.

Don’t forget those classic umbrella and chair sets, inflatable palm trees (if you can get them), beach towels and foldable tables and so on. These add to the décor element in incredible ways, depending on the designs and colors you choose for these pieces.


Beach party3Barbecues are the best way to save cash on budget beach parties. Not only are they safe and easy to install on beach grounds, they bring an amazing element of charm and camp side flair anyone is sure to enjoy.

Get burger buns, fries, cold drinks and/or hot, salads, desserts and whatever else you wish, cooler boxes to keep them in and bottle openers. You can use the grill to dish some nice burger meat, steaks and other delish foods based on your barbecuing skills. This will save you money as you won’t end up buying soft drinks and food from expensive beach side resorts and restaurants.

Pretty soon, you’ll have full bellies and light heart and a party worth a thrill.


This is an element every beach party should totally have or just shut up and bear it when boredom comes calling. Dancing, drinks, sun, relaxation and music are stuff beach parties are made for, so if you already possess knowledge and equipment to help set the groove, go ahead and set it all up.

If you have no idea what to do, ask around among friends or acquaintances. It won’t be long before you find a competent soul who knows their tunes.

If you manage to use what you already have and entail help from people you know, you can save so much money where music entertainment is concerned while making your party the envy of beachgoers everywhere.

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Dancing, Karaoke & Cheers

Have fun! That’s the one thing you gotta feel if you want your beach parties to go off like a charm. A karaoke session always gets the laughs out, especially among family and friends. Dancing is sure to get the energy running. Drinks, in moderation, will give you reason to partay! Cheers!


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