How To Perform Well In Interviews

This is a guest post by Meera Satish. A Post Graduate in Economics and an MBA, our guest author Meera is now a homemaker by choice. She is a faithful lover of books and dreams of travelling the globe.

Well there are definitely no set of rules regarding how to land in a perfect job, or how to succeed an interview but the following few steps would reveal that “You” could actually land yourself in that perfect job! It is all about preparing and perfecting yourself for that role!

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Learn to speak – it is very important that you should utilize the chance that you get. Whether you are a beginner or an ace in interviews learn to speak to the point about you! Interviews are all about you. The interviewers are there to decide if you are the right candidate for the job. So play you part and practice speaking. Try brushing up your speaking skills in front of the mirror. This is a tried and tested method which is highly rewarding. Facing the mirror means facing the real “YOU”. You can actually see for yourself how you present before your interviewers. Talk, talk and bring out the best in you, but do not blabber.

A for attitude, not arrogance- Yes the real “you” should be full of attitude, but that does not mean you should be arrogant. The interview is meant to evaluate your personality along with your knowledge. A good smile, a firm handshake, a positive attitude would speak volumes. Negative body languages like slouching, crossing your arms or legs, tapping your fingers on the table are a definite NO –NO.

Dress to succeed – Your interview will give the very first impression about you. So dressing right plays a huge role. You don’t have to be a power dresser for an interview just dress smart and dress right. You should be well groomed, well dressed with minimum accessories and minimum make up. Remember that you are being interviewed for your capability and not for your style.

Listen and Learn – Always be attentive to what the interviewer is asking and answer accordingly. The interviewers would be well experienced professionals, and if this is your first interview learn from them. Listen attentively about whatever details they provide about the job and the organization as you might benefit from it in the future.

Be Honest- Honesty is of course the best policy. Be honest to yourself and to the interviewers. Every organization would be looking for people with integrity. So talk carefully with total honesty. You need to win the trust of the interviewers to be in. It is always better to say “I do not know, I am sorry” than to blabber about something which you do not have a clue about. But show them or tell them that you are ready to learn about it.

Learn to appreciate – Learn to say thanks to the opportunity given and for the time spent by the interviewers.

Remember, Too much and too little is equally unacceptable in an interview; the balancing act is the key!
Each and every interview should be taken as a learning experience. Gain from it!

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