How To Make A GIF Image in 4 steps


Gif images are awesome! Making gif images is not only easy it’s a lot of fun. The main aim of creating an ‘image’ that also behaves like a video is so you relive that specific moment from your footage and use it for hilarious, serious, impactful or casual purposes.


Baby Steps

You start by, duh, selecting the video (not the picture, mind you) you want ‘giffed’.

Immediate Next Step

Good video editing software. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an editor, per se, because sometimes a vid-cutter works just as well. It all comes down to what purposes your giffed image is going to be used. This differs among professionals, mid-rangers, rookies and noobs.

Why You Wanna Gif?

Gifs are superb digital additions for your presentations, websites, blogs, emails, personal keepsakes and whatnot. There’s no end to how you can use them as long as you have a clear reason to.

Imagine a dog running away from a kid in a clown suit and suddenly the dog trips and slides into the swimming pool, swims to the other end, gets out in a panic and keeps on running without looking back even once. LMAO! Gif that vid to the section that most tickles your funny bone so you needn’t keep playing the scenes that came before and after.

If your video is 10-minutes long and this crazy-dog scene occurs for a supposed 17-seconds from fright to swim and continued run you can gif the moment, watch as it replays itself over and over in an automatic loop and have yourself a lol-ly good time.

Why So Seeeeeeerious?

If you have a work-related project and you’d like to show off some captivating animation to better impress upon your clients/superiors the value of what you’re presenting, gifs are cool. If you have a family party and you want to convey a themed message for some reason or other, gifs are amazing choices. If school or college work come calling nothing beats a good gif in your project to communicate your meaning to best effect, especially if it’s going to be digitally shone onto a clear surface,.


Here’s a list of the top 10 most popular pay-to-use video editing software. The following comprises fine video editing software which, after buying, you’ll need to take a couple hours to know your way around using.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, Roxio Creator, CyberLink PowerDirector, VideoPad, CyberLink PowerDirector, Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, Sony Movie Studio Platinum, Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 and AVS Video Editor.

Hey, you did pay for them, least you can get is more options for your bucks. You can make use of them for a whole bunch of other reasons than just to make gifs.

There’s A Free Version? Why Didn’t You Say So!

On the other side of the leaf, if you (like me) prefer to get right down to giffing and get that excited glint in your eye when the word ‘free’ comes up (this is sometimes me, mind you!) then you’ll like the line-up of free video editing software, which I’m not going to list here because it’s free and you’re probably better of Googling it (work a little for the free stuff, will you!).

One more reason I’m not listing the freebies here is because some of them are no longer used or allowed, so it’s best I save credibility and you spend time finding one you like.


Get Giffing!

So you may ask, which free video editing software do you personally use, Josh, to which I grin and reply, "Free Video Cutter is what I use, strangely-interested-in-my-opinion person."

This is my favorite and, to those who know me, I don’t usually have favorites. It’s easy to use and has a cool user interface that doesn’t make me feel like I’m on the flight-deck of the Starship Enterprise. It’s got options for you to gif an image into a specific format—DivX, WMV, FLV, MOV, MP3, MPEG 4—with but a click of the option beneath the scale.

Step-0: Before you get your video onto this super-cool cutter go to Options (this is also the case with other software) and choose a preferred thumbnail count. I go for 160 ‘coz it gives me room to select every last second of the vid-portion I want without also making me wait for the next ice age for the thumbnails to be created.

Step-1: That ‘scale’ I mentioned is where you select the start and end points of the video you opened using the, er, ‘open video’ button—sorry, I had no ingenious way of wording that.

Step-2: After that I rush to click the ‘Save Video’ option, because by this time I’m getting a bit bored and impatient. Depending on the size and quality of the source video prepare your patience to be poked about during the opening and saving phases.

Audio-Alert: Don’t get depressed if you see your new gif file has no sound. It’s not in their nature to get you that, unless you have splendid paid software that allows for this.

Step-3: I now provide yet another favorite of mine, a link this time. Check to see where you saved the ‘cut image’, open your web browser and go to this amazing (I love these guys!) link Upload your ‘cut’ and have it made into a gif. You gotta again wait this round out, then select ‘save to computer’.

Final Back-Patting Note: Enjoy the fruits of your labor and intelligence as you show off cool gif images to your buddies, family and pets (lol), or colleagues, boss, teacher and so on (there just might be a lmao-moment then as well). Making gif images is awesome and your imagination’s the limit. Get Giffing!


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