How To Maintain Your Hairstyle Throughout The Day


There are simple ways and there are complex ones. One idea says you just shave off your hair and you’ll never really have to worry about maintaining a style to begin with. As clever and practical as that sounds it isn’t too cool for most men who have hair, like having it and transforming their total look to wow people wherever they go with a cool well maintained cut that looks as good as it did when first they combed it into shape after a good shower.

Hair Care

In this post I’ll take you through some simple methods that I tried and tested to see if it really does work, so you can be sure it isn’t fluff or something borrowed from elsewhere. It won’t work for all of you, not 100% for some others but it sure as hell comes pretty close to gaining some measure of control over your hairstyle, especially as the day wears on.

The Best Hair Maintenance Product For Men To Buy For Styling

Sprays are good but they leave your hair all straw-like and coarse, not smooth to touch and when you lift a bunch of strands they look totally creepy. I say forget sprays that harden and hold, they do nothing for when your girl runs her hands through your hair. She has to like what she’s feeling, right? So for the sake of Womanity get your products right.

Now, I can’t vouch for a girl in my life, not yet, but I can tell you what product works for me, and still does. My miracle came in a 100ml bottle from the Streax company. Named simply ‘Streax Hair Serum’ you’ll find it selling for just 175 bucks on Flipkart and other online shopping places to buy hair products for men (and women).

What ‘Streax Hair Serum’ Does (& What It Did For Me)

This colorless, beautifully scented (not feminine or masculine, it just smells great) hair oil does the superb job of healing damaged strands. Once you shampoo-shower and you towel-dry your hair, be sure you don’t blow-dry it. Get some of this oil onto your palms, rub together and get it ready. Spread it through your damp hair without using too much or too less.

The first thing you’ll notice is the sensational yet ‘proper’ shine. It looks amazing, like some ultra-expensive shine spray from Germany or something. The next thing you’ll sense is just how damn good it smells, no kidding. After applying, just comb your hair in the style you want and follow these next few tricks…

  • Sit under a fan under slow speed. Too fast and your style is ruffled up. About 10 minutes should dry it perfectly.
  • Do not wear headphones or do anything to push, prod, poke or put pressure on your newly combed hairstyle for the day. Opt for earphones if you badly want to sit at the computer for some urgent work.
  • Every three four minutes, get to the mirror and comb your hair just the way you did immediately after you applied the oil.

Streax Hair Serum

What To Know After

Once you’ve accomplished these easy-peezy steps you’ll see how soft, luxuriant and well-held your hair feels.

When you head out and the wind decides to rain on your parade you simply comb your hair back the way you did before leaving. It, wait for it, actually holds the same style. It doesn’t go all crow-feathery and messed up, but returns to its original style as you, its creator, intended for it to look like.

What To Do If Your Hairstyle Gets Ruffled

If nothing ‘unsettling’ happens throughout the day you’ll find yourself returning home with your hair still shiny, soft and in style. Well maintained? I’d say yes.

On the other hand, if something does happen to ruffle up your hair get your Streax Hair Oil out (the bottle is quite portable, by the way), apply and comb, there’s no need to wait for 10 minutes this time. You’ll be back to looking your best in no time.

This Is The One For Me. Hopefully It’s The One For You Too

This is the one affordable product that’s worked for me in so many years of trying to find the ideal hair maintenance product for men. If it doesn’t work you, keep seeking, you’ll get there. Experimentation is key, do it while you still have hair.



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