How To Live A Fun Life—Part 2


Here we begin another section of how to live a fun life. These aren’t things I myself am great at, but I’m getting there. It’s all about putting words into action, not the other way around, so when you read this, know that it doesn’t stop there. You gotta act on the words you read to best live up to the meaning.

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When In Doubt, Shut Up!

This has been a huge issue for me, so I felt it best to humiliate myself for the common good. Asking questions, demanding answers, over-doing your search for said answers and trying to imitate all sorts of scenes you saw in movies or on TV just to get to that kernel of truth someone may not even be intentionally keeping from you, these are all terrible decisions. Instead of talking—which obviously accompanies all those acts mentioned above—just keeping silent and waiting on the answer is a far better bet, less stressful and more fulfilling. After all, whatever will happen will happen, so why worry about changing things that are supposed to happen so you can evolve after facing it head on?

Time Heals Squat!

If people told you time heals all things, it doesn’t. Either you take the effort to move on or find ways to resolve our troubles, because when you let things lie as they are chances are that issue will grow way out of proportion or worse, break an existing bond, resulting in a parting of ways with someone you care deeply about. Exercise caution in this scenario. 90% of troubles, I’ve personally observed, aren’t healed by time but are made more awkward or harder to solve or difficult to apologize for. A decisive quick-strike at the right time will see to you finding peace again, so make a good decision, make a timely move and you’re all set.

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Don’t Pig Out!

When bad turns worse and worse turns hellish, don’t eat your troubles away. Bingeing is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Putting on weight is comparatively easier than getting rid of it and obesity is the last thing you want to add to your list of troubles. You’ll need plenty of energy, an active mind and a fit body to work through your issues. You may sometimes even need to literally fight people who mean you harm, no kidding, all so you can defend your honor and keep your respect. Being fat will not help you achieve all that. So drink a glass of health-juice or gobble a fit-snack and get back on that battlefield, you’re THIS close to winning.

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