How To Live A Fun Life—Part 1


It will be pretty hypocritical, not to mention clichéd, of me to give advice on how to live a happy life, because there are thousands, if not kazillions, of factors that determine such a thing. Instead, I’ve done some simple research that’s revealed some practical ideas that actual human people confirm has worked for them.

That’s the fun life mentioned in the topic. The thing to remember is: there are sure to be days of depression, sadness and blues, that’s part of life, even a fun one. Making the most of what you can of Life? Now, that’s what we’re going to explore in simple no-nonsense terms so you can sooner start putting them into practice than simply read, close and move on.


There’s so much ground to cover, with justice being done to each topic along the way, that I personally feel the following 4 ideas packed into a Part-1 is a step in the right direction.


The Equality Rule

If you can literally, literally, try treating someone else like you would your own self, you’ll find a lot of things to change about yourself, more than anything else. Read that sentence again, do it now. Of course, you can’t go on literally treating someone else the same way you’d like to be treated. That first step is basically a test to help you understand and learn the importance of equality and how amazing you feel when you find everyone starts liking you and how ecstatic you feel when you start liking yourself.

Think Big, Dream Bigger


You have one life to live. Perhaps if you believe in reincarnation, then you have a whole other life to look forward to. Either way, you have one life to consider in one specific duration called ‘a lifetime’. To live small and be less than your best means you’re probably thinking small. Yes, circumstances, situation, life problems, and so on, play against you. If you visualize (imagine) seeing yourself standing in the middle of all that hell, as though you’re some random person standing afar off looking back at you, you’ll find that dreaming big has routes to get you out of that mess. Try it, and try it right without simply doing it for the sake of it. After a while, you’ll land on a method of sorts that’ll help you see hard truth behind this ridiculously simple idea.

No Regrets, Never!

Whatever you’ve been through in your past, ending one second ago from the second you’re reading this, don’t regret any of it. People have wasted entire lifetimes regretting things. If something bad has occurred to make you feel terrible, think about how that ‘bad situation’ actually happened to you and you alone—perhaps along with other people, but you’re directly affected, right? Start by looking at it from the correct angle. It’s basically a challenge set according to your capability levels, so find a way around such personal ‘mountains’. Just standing there and cribbing about it will get you nowhere. Never regret the mountain being there and you’ll never regret not climbing it.


Abandon Expectations

The last thing you need in your life is failed expectations. If you expect a lot of the world, chances are the world will expect a lot of you in turn. Neither of you will win that battle, so it’s best to stop, completely and abruptly stop, expecting people to be this way or that, for circumstances to turn out this way or that all because you did the work and for yourself to be a certain way just like that. When you abandon expectations like these, and millions more in this box (lock that box and throw it away), you’ll find life teaches you enough to help you live with some measure of peace.


Image Credit: michael pollak, michael boston, Editor B.


  1. liked your post..good one..keep posting…

  2. The true gist of the above post is to remain satisfied in every situation . Give 100 % and results are to be accepted as they come . Nice one .

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  3. The last one leads to all points of finding happiness and that is, ‘Abandon Expectation.’ Nice to raise them all. Thanks.


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