How To Keep Your Palms From Sweating


Sweaty Palms

This may read like a silly thing to some people but there are so many men and women out there who go through this issue and feel terrible about it. They are seconds away from hugging somebody or shaking their hands, they are mere eye-blinks away from handling important utensils or tools or they’re holding valuable items that are better off not getting wet with their sweat.

There are ways you can prevent sweaty palms from happening, but it will take work, patience and understanding on your part.

Sweaty palms are experienced by anyone, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a middle-aged office goer, a senior citizen or even a teenager, they all go through it. Here are some facts about what it is and what you can do to make your ‘situation’ better.

The Facts about Sweaty Palms

  • They’re natural, meaning it’s normal to have sweaty palms because, well, your palms have sweat glands too. However, in a social setting they can be quite a handful.
  • The clinical term for over-sweaty palms is Palmar Hyperhidrosis. Doc-talk has it that if you sweat more than 20mg per minute it’s considered a treatable medical condition.
  • When your nervous system, especially your sympathetic nervous system (that’s an actual academic term, not the literary meaning of the word ‘sympathetic’), your body feels nervous stress that leads to hormonal stress which some people physically display as sweaty palms. However, studies have shown and are showing that your personal sense of stress contributes to sweaty palms.

What You Can Do To Help With Sweaty Palms

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Medical Tips:-

Listen to what the doctor orders, not just what you’re reading here and remember that there are plenty of other options out there, many in the alternative medicine field like Ayurveda and Siddha. Here are some med-options.

  • Prescription-strength antiperspirants (applied directly to the palm area).
  • Botulinum injections, more commonly called Botox. These work to block signals from being shot to the nerves on the surface of your hands and help reduce excessive palm-sweating.
  • Electrical stimulation, also known as Iontophoresis. These work by paralyzing the sweat glands (in this case, the ones in your palms) and consequently help decrease the amount of sweat you see yourself producing.

At-Home Tips:-

  • Wash your hands more often than other people. This not only cools your palms down it increases the duration between sweat-spells. Make sure you use normal bath soap and not the dish-washing kind else you’ll end up having very dry and cracked hands as the weeks go.
  • If the sink is unavailable buy and carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Remember, alcohol-based not necessarily anti-bacterial. It’ll help keep you ideally dry when on the move. Tissues, small handkerchiefs and other obvious options are there to come to your rescue.
  • Keeping your hands cool is one of the best and most practical means of preventing sweaty hands so try airing your palms more than closing them up. Fans, air conditioners, not clasping both hands together too tightly for too long, all help.
  • Powder is a cool quick-fix. It leaves your hands smooth and smelling good while eliminating sweat. Be careful how much you put and when, otherwise the person you’re meeting may get a weird dose of powder on their palms or shoulders.
  • Clothing that stops smooth air flow across your palms is a bad idea. Get clothes that breathe better, especially if you’re in a country where you simply must use gloves or your work calls for it. Experiment and ask around as to what works best and where, because varied people have different needs where hand-wear is concerned.
  • Say a big no-no to petroleum-based lotions and other skin products. They’re meant to seal in the moisture and what they do to people who have sweaty palms is they make your hands go all sticky and greasy instead of neat and dry.
  • Surprise, the same chemicals that help keep your underarms from sweating can do the same for your palms. Go for unscented "clinical strength" antiperspirants containing aluminum zirconium (you can find if this ingredient is present at the back of the product). Want something stronger? Ask a physician and opt for prescription-strength antiperspirants, which contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

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As much as doctors may say sweaty palms have nothing to do with your emotions, I’ve personally observed, and my opinion is certainly backed up by powerful studies and confirmations, emotions do play a crucial role. Anxiety and stress are first to come to mind. Essentially, find ways to relax and you’re all set to walk that path which will preferably end with an ‘all-cured’ status for your sweaty palms.

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