How to Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone

Low Battery Please Connect To PowerWith smartphones and tablets penetrating deep into our life-style, it has become very difficult for most of us to stay away from our phones. We need to check our mails, chat with friends, update our status on Facebook, share photos, read news, listen to music and do so many things. But still we expect our phones to run all day without losing battery. Asking for too much right?

Well there are limitations to the battery life that we can get. The size and the weight of the battery is a big limiting factor. We obviously would like a light and thin tablet or a smartphone but that comes at the cost of battery life. So does that mean we stop using the smart features of the phone and make it a dumb phone? The answer is No.

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You can do very simple things to improve battery life and keep your phone or tablet going for the whole day with an overnight charge.

Screen Brightness

All that we do with our phones mostly is while looking at it, which means that the screen is ON most of the time we use our phones. This makes the screen the biggest power hogging component of your phone. Now we all like big bright screens. But the bigger and brighter the screen, the more battery power it uses. The screenshot proves the point.

My screen in about 1h 42 m has consumed a whopping 59% of power. So does it mean that the screen should be OFF all the time. Of course not. The answer to this problem is to put it on auto brightness!
So when you are indoors, the screen can be a little less bright which will do your job and improve battery life.
Also choosing a dark wallpaper helps improve battery life as the screen has much less light to emit than a bright wallpaper. This one may be a little to harsh for some peoples liking but yeah if you can implement this… nothing like it!

3G/4G vs. Wi-Fi

It is needless to say that we use our phones and tablets to connect to the internet all the time. In fact the time spend on the device surfing the internet is far more than talking to people. Now the next big thing that brings your battery life down is the phone radio (3G/4G). As a matter of fact the phone also heats up with the use of 3G or 4G which is detrimental to the battery life.

So next time when you have an option of using Wi-Fi over 3G/4G/LTE on your super-phones, consider Wi-Fi to improve battery life and get more juice out of it. In case you don’t have Wi-Fi around, set your phone to choose 3G over 4G in areas of less coverage to improve battery life.

Exposure to Heat

Your phone / tablet batteries are sensitive to heat. Always try and keep them away from heat. When moving in your car, try and keep it away from sunlight for prolonged duration. When charging your phone remove it from the case or cover to keep it cool. These tips will not only improve battery life but keep your battery healthy.

Turn off the extras

The other thing that needs power in the phone is the processor. All the applications need the processor to run and the processor draws power in proportion to the work it needs to do for each application. So a good idea is to close the apps that you have finished working with. Instead of pressing the home button from the middle of the app, use the exit option in the app to terminate it properly. This would release the system resources and help improve battery life.

Well this doesn’t mean that you should resort to using task killers available for Android devices. Some apps need to run continuously like your mail, weather, facebook app etc. using task killers would be harmful as these apps would have to be stared over again if killed. You also might loose out on notifications.

Unless you are navigating or using apps that need to track your position like running calculators, location based profile apps, it is advisable to turn off your GPS from settings. Also when you are driving to office or back home you may want to turn OFF Wi-Fi. Unless you use a Bluetooth headset, keeping Bluetooth ON is certainly not a good idea. Of course these are little things that may seem cumbersome to implement but with a little shortcut in your notification panel, it can be done very easily. These small little toggles can help improve battery life drastically.


Unless you are a business professional who needs to be in touch with clients, you may want to consider increasing the sync interval of your mail and social networking apps. Instead of checking for new mail or notification every 15 min, set your apps to check every say 2 hours. This may not affect your work but will certainly help improve battery life.

Care for the battery

Most of the phones these days are equipped with Li-Po batteries. Though these are quite rugged, there are some things you can do to help it keep going for long.

  • Use only recommended voltage chargers.
  • Charge the battery in ventilated area to help keep the heat away.
  • Do Not complete exhaust the battery till 0% before charging it again. Keep using and topping it up when it reaches 30-40 %.
  • Try and charge the battery to 100 % when connecting to the charger. There are times the phone shows 100% but charging for extra 15 min would ensure proper top up in case your battery indicator isn’t calibrated properly.

Well guys these are only few guidelines that would help you improve battery life of your Smartphone or tablet WITHOUT losing its smart capabilities. Restricting features of the phone to improve battery life would certainly be an insult to the hard work that has gone into developing these indispensable tools of our life.

This guest post is by Umesh Sharma.

Image Credit: Carlos Varela, pj_vanf


  1. Really useful stuff. As simple as it is, I missed knowing that the screen brightness put on ‘auto’ and a darker wallpaper could do so much…. It really helped me and, of course, loved the quip about a smartphone being dumb! lol!


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