How to Fix Broken Relationships

A broken relationship need not always mean a broken marriage or a long term relation that did not work. It can also mean problems in a short term relation which was going steady. There are many times when couples feel that things are not as nice and rosy as they were during the initial days of the relationship. The arguments and tiffs start piling up day after day; till a time comes you want to actually break off. But is that really required? This is the first thing that should come to your mind. It takes the sacrifice and adjustment on the part of both the partners to strengthen and maintain a relation.

Broken Relation

The entire experience of a broken relationship can be very overwhelming. Suddenly it seems like the end of the world when you or your loved one calls it off. Whether it is years of togetherness or a short term relation, it all depends on the bonding. If your bond was too strong and you were truly in love, then the breaking of a relationship is the biggest shock. Whether it is men or women, both find it equally difficult to mend their broken heart.

Sadness prevails

In such a situation, it is best to try and mend the relation. You could sit together or independently and think of different ways to fix your broken relationship. But all this can happen only if you want to mend it. There are chances where one of the partner’s is too desperate to get back while the other partner is not very keen.

Before fixing a broken relation, you must also analyze the reason for the break up. Also, it is important to judge whether it is really worth getting back together? Will the both of you be happy after fixing the relation? If the answer is yes, then it is definitely worth trying.

  • First begin with thinking what exactly went wrong. For this you will need some lone time. Only when you sit quietly and think with a cool mind, you will realize what the mistake or problem was.
  • The reason for break up or the problem in the relation is the first thing that must be identified.
  • The best way to begin with fixing a relationship is to give it some time. There is a lot of agony and hurt because of the episode and there is some healing time that may be required. So be alone for a while. Chances are that you may understand each other’s importance during this lone time and that could work in getting you back together.
  • This time is also for self analysis. For once, you must try and find your fault and mistakes so that you can work on them when you get back.
  • The next step is to start speaking to each other. The initial conversation can be very light and casual.
  • Then try and talk about the problem and discuss it in a healthy way without playing the blame game. Accept your mistake and even if you have to point out your partner’s mistake, do so in subtle manner.
  • Try getting comfortable with each other again. Sometimes it is difficult to get normal after such a bad phase in life. Hence take it slowly but work hard towards it.
  • Once the problem is discussed, find a solution and implement it so that you do not have an argument or fight over the same or similar issue again in future.
  • Decide that you will try and work towards making the relation better. Make constant efforts to improve from past experiences.
  • Do not just rely on emails and text. It is important that you talk to each other so that the matter can be discussed and things can be sorted out soon.
  • Relive your favorite moments again. Surprise your partner or gift them or do something special to rekindle the spark in your relationship and to make your partner feel special. This tip is a real ice breaker.
  • You will forgive your partner after the discussion but it is necessary that you forget about it too. If you don’t forgive and forget it, there are chances that you may taunt your partner or relate a future event to this past tiff. This will make matters worse.
  • Express your love and care from time to time. It will definitely be appreciated by your partner. If the fight was because you devote less time at home, then try balancing work and personal life properly. Go out on weekends and spend quality time.

Relive the moments

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