Hot picks for Monsoon footwear

Monsoons have arrived in full swing and all you see now is shops full of colorful monsoon footwear. We girls are spoilt for choices in all seasons and for all products. Lucky WE!

Whether it is thrift or street shopping or the malls and brands, everyone has so much to offer. So let’s take a look at what the hot picks are for this season. Remember Ladies, color is the keyword!


Monsoon Footwear1

These neon jelly sandals go perfectly with any attire. Sold at just Rs.200, they are available in magical colors with most vendors across cities.

Monsoon Footwear10

Monsoon Footwear7

Gumboots or Rain boots are a great option for all you gals who love your boots. Put the leather ones away and use these instead. They’ll accessorize your look for sure.

Monsoon Footwear8

Crocs are sturdy and stylish. They are an absolute essential if you walk on rough surfaces or are planning to hiking somewhere. Besides, they protect your feet a tad bit more than the other options.


Monsoon Footwear3


Monsoon Footwear6

We all love ballerinas and peep toes and what if they come in every possible color? That’s a jackpot. Buy this super comfy pair and it’ll last you a season.



Monsoon Footwear2

I, so, want these! My favorite of all options yet. They are simple yet classy and colorful too! Might be a bit expensive as they come from Crocs.



Monsoon Footwear4

Last but not the least, if too much color is not your thing, opt for these stylish black pair of monsoon footwear. They have some stones on it to add the style factor!

Happy Shopping Ladies. Do share pictures of your buys with us. I’d love to compile a post of it.

Image Credit: idiva, fashion-beautyzone, fashionmate, healthmeup.


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