Home Remedies that Help You Get Rid of Fleas

Getting rid of fleas is a Herculean task for anyone and everyone. Are you one of those who keeps searching for answers to how do I get rid of fleas desperately on the internet? Have you tried hitting every other flea that you come across but still find a few the very next day? Well, this is because fleas have an ability to multiply in leaps and bounds. Hence when you search for solutions for getting rid of these insects, you also need to apply those on the eggs and larvae.

Fleas on PEts

Following are some of the simplest answers to the question how do I get rid of fleas:

  • First of all clean everything. If you maintain the basic cleanliness in your home, there will be no fleas and then you will never have to wonder how one can get rid of these fleas.
  • If you have pets, you need to be even more careful. Fleas generally breed on their bodies and the eggs are laid on the pet’s bedding. If you don’t want to keep wondering about keeping them away then keep your pets and their bedding clean at all times.
  • Check your pet bedding and change it regularly as the larvae and eggs can spread in other parts of the house too. Pets are the biggest carriers of fleas and hence you need to throw away the dirty rugs or mats if they are beyond the point of cleaning.
  • No matter how much you hate the cleaning job, try and vacuum clean your house regularly. This way rug and carpets as well as the floor and crevices between tiles or corners of the wall will remain clean.
  • Fleas love to breed in humid and dark places. So try concentrating on those corners of the house while cleaning.
  • Even when you are done dusting and cleaning, throw the dirt outside the house in a sealed bag as the tiny creatures can creep in again in the house through open bins.
  • If you have a garden, keep trimming the foliage regularly. This way the eggs or fleas that have made these places their haven will be exposed to sunlight. This is an immediate answer to the query regarding getting rid of fleas.
  • The bodies of your pets are the permanent home for the fleas. The pets then become carriers of these all across the house. Hence clean and bathe your pets regularly. You could also use a flea shampoo for this.
  • If you want to know how to get rid of these filthy creatures in a natural way, then yeast is the magic ingredient. Rub some yeast on your pet’s body. It is supposed to ward off the fleas immediately. You can use the regular yeast that is available at your grocery store.
  • Your veterinarian can also suggest some chemicals or medication to solve your problem. A substance or chemical known as Frontline is found to be very effective but you must ensure that you buy the correct brand.

Quick Home remedies to get rid of fleas in your house and from your pets:

  • If you have experienced a lot of fleas recently, then try taking a bowl or pan of mixture of hot water and oil. Then place a light source in it which will attract the fleas. The fleas will eventually fall in the water and sink. Thus this will be mass elimination and perfect answer to the most sought after question.
  • Another quick tip is to mix 2 drops each of cedar wood oil and lavender oil in about 10 glasses of water. You can spray this daily on your pet to eliminate the fleas.
  • You can also feed your pet with 1 small spoon of brewer’s yeast every day. This remedy will take time but the fleas will reduce gradually.
  • To make a fragrant home spray with 8 glasses of water and ¼ spoon of Eucalyptus oil. You can spray this in all the corners of your house and even on your sofas or other corners where fleas survive.
  • There is a product called Sevin too which can help in getting rid of fleas. But it is more beneficial for outdoors. If used indoors, it can cause harm to you.

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