Here’s How You Leave an Impression!

How To Be Memorable At Events

Well, the title may sound like a cliché, but you’ve gotta first ask yourself if you really do the stuff that’s about to follow. After all, wherever you go there are people you interact with. Giving off the wrong impression is easy.

Whether you come off as rude, a jerk, an ass, or perhaps manage to attain that title of ‘gentleman’ all depends on how memorable you are during the interaction.

Remember this point: Being memorable is a skill. As with all skills, it’ll need practice to become sharp and effective. Here are seven pointers to help you get started.

Shut Up Until Required

Shut Up

If you feel like gabbing away to kingdom come, chances are you’re gonna have the other person know all about you and make them feel unimportant because you know nothing about them. On the other hand, if they do all the talking, they’ll feel like you’re being grilled. Hence they go home sensing they were rude and the next time you’re going to meet them, they’ll try to avoid you for obvious reasons.

This is basically why you need to time your talk. What does that even mean? You wait until you know you have something productive to say and that’s when you use God’s gift of speech. It’s easy once you’re there, in the conversation. You’ll know what to do. By following this point, even if your total talk time is measured in seconds, will make you a friend who’ll never forget your charm.

Don’t Be Primitive

Before you say, “Oh, that’s obvious, dude. Of course, I won’t be a total cave-guy or -gal when speaking to other people”, the topic is actually intended to mean something else. It means you need to look and, most important of all, smell civilized. You won’t even get to have a conversation if you come looking like a homeless person or smell like you came in after wrestling a wet dog.

There will most probably be women at the event you’re heading to. Studies confirm the female race has a much more sensitive sense of smell than their not-so-fair counterparts. So use adequate cologne, dress smart and don’t maintain a frown because you had to bathe before coming.

Bring On The Mystery

Flirty WomanThe previous point threw a spotlight on guys, so now it’s time the ladies had their turn. When a woman overtly flirts or tries too hard to impress a man, there’s no way in hell he won’t notice it. Your conversation will ooze desperation. Granted, most guys don’t mind a girl coming onto him. Why, they crave it. You can even count in the dude writing this post!

But, every man approached this way will have lost respect for that demanding specimen of the female species. Men love it when women play a little hard to get. The mystery they exude at this time adds to the hunt, and you know what they say about the taste of a kill after it’s hunted. No offense, ladies, but you know I’m right!

Be Event Savvy

Gather InfoWhen you’re invited to, say, a party with a formal theme or an event with a specific program as the highlight, be sure to research relevant topics for that event. You may sometimes even need to ask after who’s coming, if high-profile individuals are indeed headed there.

All of this helps you sound intelligent and fit in. Otherwise you end up looking uncomfortable and human beings are aces at sensing discomfort, be it from a friend or a stranger. What happens next? They get uncomfortable being with you, ‘coz they’re probably thinking you find them boring or talking as if showing off.

You can see how you lose points in their ‘memo book’. An hour’s worth of research, maybe two, will save you a cartload of shame and make you a bunch of friends.

Strangle Reclusiveness


Okay, maybe you’re the quiet type, perhaps even the silent-strong type. Who knows, you may even be a recluse at heart. Then again, maybe you’re just trying to get a feel for the event’s ambience before mingling.

You needn’t be told to keep your aloofness brief or cut it out altogether. Reclusiveness, in any form, is useless if you want to be remembered by people at a get-together. If you have to simply walk up to someone and indulge in small talk, do it. It’s way better than just standing in one corner sipping cola or sitting and chewing on a few appetizers.

Not only will people totally ignore you, because they’re too busy mingling and having fun, you’ll soon start to feel they’re deliberately ignoring you. Guess who’s to blame for that?

Never Group Up

Stand Out

When you’re at an event and you find yourself meeting friends, or even having come to said event with people you know, try not to group up and stay with the same people. It completely beats the point why you’re at an event at all. If you wanted to hang with friends, you could’ve simply gone out with them, right?

After a few minutes spent with known faces, break and head to other people and/or other groups. You never know who you can meet, let alone the things you can learn when you decide to introduce diversity into your social time.

Laugh A Little


If there’s one rule that never goes out of fashion, it’s that the funny guy is loved by all. Of course, being a little funny—emphasis on the word ‘little’—can earn you huge points in almost everybody’s books.

Deliver your well-practiced funny-lines at the right time and never be rude, sarcastic or critical. While you may assume a joke is a joke, no matter how crude, not everyone will agree with you. So stow all the corny stuff you may have ready to fling at an unsuspecting public, and instead just be you. Stick to the topic and land on a joke concerning it.

Even if you make one funny remark and if it’s made at the right time and in the right fashion, people will never forget you for lifting their spirits for those few seconds.

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