Handy Tips on Crafting your Home Office

It is evident that all of us have to work. Some of us are born with a silver spoon but then again that is not always the case. However, it so happens that some don’t like working in offices. It could be the working environment or the distance you need to travel or the working hours that put you off. Sometimes, you feel that your potential is being underutilized and you want to be your own boss. These days, there is a lot of work from home options available too. In fact many housewives and stay-at-home moms have started working from home.

Home office

The bottom line is that you will need an office like space to work from to set the right mood and there are lot of key decisions to take when it comes to making your Home Office, the ultimate combo of the comfort that your ‘home’ can provide with all the facilities that an ‘office’ would give. What we are looking for is a combination of the best features that you would expect from home and office. If a home office is not providing all these attributes in a fantastic cocktail, then it has failed to be a good home office.

Office Space

Spacious Home Office

The key to a home office is the ‘office space’. Office space is that section of your home that is dedicated to the work part of your stay at home and work pattern. Whether you are new to the concept of home office or you have used home offices in the past, you will observe that a home is still a home. Home is that place where you go to feel relaxed, eat to your heart’s content, and spend time the way you want. You have spent at least two decades with the impression that it is the place for you to relax. Isn’t that the reason why we call home, a home?

So, it will difficult to imagine that a home is also an office. There are a lot of things one needs to consider when setting up a home office. You have to discover the answer to the following topics.

  1. Furniture that is conducive to office work and transactions.
  2. Storage shelf to store all the relevant files and documents, if any.
  3. Implementing a work schedule and sticking to it. VERY IMPORTANT.
  4. Computer and connectivity equipment including phone.

These are just the primary topics that you would like to think about for there are hundreds of other things one needs to specifically think about when creating a home office space. However, the common factor to all of the above and more topics is the ‘office space’, the portion or part of your house that you are going to dedicate for your house.

Choosing The Right Room

Right space for home office

It is preferable that your home office is a dedicated room or a portion of your home that is as far placed from the main part of the house as possible. The one thing that differentiates a home from office is that an office is entirely devoid of any distractions that you would normally expect at your home. These distractions could be good and bad ones. For instance, you do not have to deal with your family members interrupting you unintentionally or sounds that emanate from daily home activities like cleaning the house or people walking around.

Also, at home you would have other people living and again, they could be a huge source of distraction. You could have a neighbor who is creating quite a ruckus from his movie station. You could have children who are playing games and having fun. Sometimes you yourself would be tempted to stop working and jump on the couch and start watching television.

Avoiding Distractions

The best home office would be a room that is located in the upper floor of your house but that is a viable option if you have a big house. It would also be better if the floor where your home office is located is not shared by any other members of your family, at least not during your work hours. If you have to mange a home office in a small space, then you will need a bit of extra planning. If you have a dining room that is not too close to your living room or kitchen, you can use it. A small recess in a cozy area of the home can also be used for this purpose. Your store room can also be converted in to a home office but you will have to get rid of the clutter so that the perfect ambience is created for work.

Home Office

When you choose an office room, ensure that it has sufficient space for you to move around and has the necessary real estate to arrange your furniture, computer equipment, shelf and multiple chairs. Also, there should be an abundance of natural light flowing into your home office because that gives you the natural energy to work. Also, do note that the chosen part of the house has all the connectivity, both in terms of power, telephone lines and broadband access.

Sound Proofing

If possible you may also consider sound proofing your office. This way, your office would be completely shielded from any outside noise and that way even if there are inadvertent disturbances bent on affecting you, you are completely prepared for it. Just as with a real office you would need to invest in a decent air conditioning. Air conditioning could get expensive, but it is a must for any home office especially if you have scorching summers.

Always remember that a home office is something which evolves over time. As long you have chosen a good location in your house that has ample space for future improvements, you are all set to enjoy the benefits that a true home office can deliver.

Before I conclude, while a home office is a great idea and gives you a feeling of content but it is important that you treat your work seriously. At times working from home with dedication can be difficult. You need to explain to your family, that even if you don’t go to office, you are working and the hours are fixed. This will help you concentrate on your work and excel in it too.

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