Hair Power

Ladies, listen very carefully. To take a point from Oprah’s Last-Ever Makeover Extravaganza, there’s this hair-smart guy named Orlando. Here’s what he shared. “If you’ve got the same haircut three or four times, it’s time to start changing it up a little bit. After all, hair is your best accessory, and you wear it every day.”

hair power

This lesson is very powerful. Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. They see you from top to bottom most often and their minds paint a picture of wholesome perfection. Even if they see you down to up, they still end up with your hair.

Differently shaped women need to have their hair styled differently. Let’s explore this realm.

For Thin Women With Long Locks

Suppose you have long waist-length hair and you’re a thin woman, go for the straight approach. There’s nothing like that Russian touch on your do to streamline your features, making you seem taller, more confident and sharp.

Shoulder-length hair is best maintained wavy. From a breeze to a head-tilt, wavy hair on a thin woman whose locks fall down to her shoulders, and no further, add a sense of refined femininity.

For Not-So-Thin Women

Women who aren’t exactly thin need to go in for different do’s. The longer your hair if you’re say, a plus-size woman, the shorter you’ll look and fatter too. This is enough reason to crop short. Bobs and held-up buns are ideal. If you really want length, stop at neck-level. You’ll look and feel lighter, more sophisticated and fun-loving but still mature.

What’s In A Height?

Moving to height, short women must aim to appear taller and the same goes the other way around. Introducing too much volume—moderation is always best—to your hair makes any short woman seem shorter still. This is because your hair then becomes the cynosure of people’s focus, carrying a picture that screams ‘all that hair, all that lack of body to go with’. Meaning, you’re lost under all those locks.

Streamline them, shape them or crop them, as long as they don’t stand out more than the rest of you. Taller women can have any length hair they prefer, though mid-length is a common favorite. That way your physical height finds itself accentuated without your hair vying for all the attention.

On To The Next Level

There are many disparate means to crop your hair to suit you, and the above are a handful of suggestions. Talking about hair power now is a smart decision. After you’ve settled on a do and asked your stylist to crop it for you, you’re ready to play with power. Learning to enliven your hairstyle is where all the potential rests.

Sex appeal lies in the way you move with your new do. That’s what attracts guys most, your walk and then how you look in what you wear and how your hair is styled. Whereas the speed-walk may suit long voluminous hair that catches the breeze and floats behind you, stick to a casual saunter where you get to show off your grace without ruffling up your locks.

The Swing

The Sexy Head Toss

Next comes the head toss, a classic feminine move but the devil is in the details. Longer hair means you get to do the full swirl. You know, the one where you send all those locks out in an arc of magnificence, aimed at stopping any man’s heart for the next few seconds. Shorter hair could use a head toss not too elaborate, meaning a simple lift and turn of your head reveals your neck and your hairstyle to best effect, intended to make every dude in the room go crazy.

Use your hair power right, ladies, and you can be sure you’ll draw all the right attention.


Image Credit: Boudewijin Berends, Free Digital Photos.


  1. Hair can make or break a look, great article!!

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