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We usually relate hair care to taking care of the strands of hair that are visible. What most of us don’t realize is that the strands are actually lifeless and it is the follicles which provide the required nutrients for hair growth. Even the glands located below the scalp help in preventing any problems in the scalp and the hair. These elements below the scalp and any deficiency in them lead to major hair problems and other problems like dry scalp. Hence your hair care regimen must include providing proper nourishment to the scalp and then of course caring for the strands too.



Summers are here and an itchy head accompanies the season. It is this dry scalp that causes a lot of itching and dandruff in the hair too. It even makes the hair very frizzy. Hence treatment for dry scalp is very essential. For a healthy and normal scalp it is necessary that you take care of the follicles, glands and other living elements below the scalp and this can be done by eating food with rich nutrients and following a healthy lifestyle. See! That’s the key to all the health problems we have.

Once the scalp is taken care of properly, the dryness of the hair strands as well as the growth of the hair will be managed automatically. The problems of dry scalp are quite common and are caused due to excess stress, lack of a proper nutrient rich diet and the oils that support the growth of hair follicles, hard or chlorinated water, exposure to cosmetic treatments etc. Hence it is best to try and look out for a good treatment for dry scalp in order to get rid of the problem of itching and flaking.

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All these causes can be easily eliminated with a good shampoo for dry scalp and other types of natural treatment for it. The external visible hair is also affected drastically due to a dry scalp and hence one suffers hair fall, dry, frizzy hair and lack of growth. You could try the following options which are “the essentials” for treatment for dry scalp:

  • You need to wash your hair regularly with a rich but mild shampoo for dry hair because it will keep the hair clean and free from dirt.
  • It is also important not to use the shampoo for dry hair too many times as the hair loses its natural moisture and hence there could be additional problems of dry scalp. So avoid washing your hair everyday and observe the difference.
  • Excessive styling is not good and hence one needs to avoid too much of perming, straightening etc of the hair especially during the harsh seasons.
  • You must regularly oil your hair so that it gets the essential nutrients and the scalp does not get too dry especially during winters. Olive oil is a great option for this.
  • Exposure to the sun must be avoided as the heat deprives the hair of its moisture. Also if you are constantly using the air conditioner, then a humidifier along with it is a good idea to prevent dry scalp. Try placing a large jug or bowl of water near the air conditioner and it will act as a dehumidifier too.
  • Using many natural conditioners made from curd, mayonnaise, avocado pulp etc along with a good shampoo for dry hair will show remarkable results.
  • If the problem persists, your dermatologists may prescribe a shampoo for dry hair as it helps in maintaining the natural oils of your scalp.

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