Going Camping In India – An Extraordinary Thrill–Part 1


Camping brings out the inner human in all of us, the real human I mean, the one who soaks up the outdoors like back in the day when exploration and discovery was the heart of the human ambition. As with all things, modernity has opened the doors of awareness and we have learned a lot more about camping along the years, further enhancing a passion that will never go out of style.

Camping Fun

Preparing For The Outdoors

Take all you must, else you’ll only put a crimp in your enjoyment. Since so many of us go car-camping here in India I think it’s best to list supplies along those lines.


The following camping gear is needed when car camping:
• Tent and Tarp
• Sleeping bag(s)
• Ground pad/air mattress
• Camp stove with fuel (propane stoves are good)/charcoal briquettes
• Lantern
• Flashlight/headlamp
• Lighter/matches
• Wire grill/pots/frying pan/cooking utensils/heavy duty aluminum foil
• Paper plates/cups/eating utensils/thermal cups for tea, coffee, or oatmeal
• Toilet kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, other hygiene products, contact lens care kit, eyeglass case)
• Cleaning kit for utensils, pots & pans
Cooler for your food and drink
• Ingredients for the meals you are going to cook/snacks (fruits, nuts, seeds etc.)
• Pan, non-stick cooking spray/butter/olive oil or other cooking oil
• Spices/salt/pepper
• Water/water bottles
• Beverages of choice (wine, wine coolers, beer, soda, juice, milk, coffee, tea)
• Day pack for hiking trips/maps
• First aid kit
• Insect repellent

Camping gear

The following clothes are needed when car camping, depending on where and what time of year you are camping (be sure to layer your clothes):
• Clothes for the weather, place, and time of year (jacket, sweatshirt, long sleeve shirt, T-shirt, bathing suit, shorts, jeans, underwear, warm socks, handkerchief)
• Hiking boots/sturdy shoes
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Towel (for swimming and general wash-after-bathing)
• Camera w/film and batteries

Camp Cooking

Making your food in a superb outdoor setting is nothing short of transcendental. It takes you far away from the routines of modern kitchens and a comparatively easier and therefore dull life. Of course, none of us can stay without modern cooking implements but none of us should refrain from trying camp-cooking techniques sometime in our lives.

camp cooking

Getting all the right cook-stuff is a bit tricky out here in the wilds, because it’s not like you have your trusty kitchen to help show you some creature comfort. To this end, preparation is very important and bringing items like matches, lighter fluid, aluminum foil, a portable grate, fire pit and proper frying pan are but some of the camping cook-essentials you need to possess on your trip. You could also pack some ready-to-eat foods that just need warming up to make camp cooking an easier job. This is a great idea if you are camping for few days.

Insect Invasion

Don’t expect paradise in the outdoors. We bolt our doors and windows shut right here in suburbia all because mosquitoes and other ‘annoyables’ are flying rampant. Imagine out there while camping, where there aren’t any doors or windows to shut but the ones in your imagination.

From guidelines on finding ideal bug-free zones in your designated campsite to bringing DEET-free insect repellant to keep yourself as well as the environment safe.


Of course, you can try the old-fashioned way and swat using your hands, legs or anything else you can think of or you could buy one of those electrical bats that are all the rage these days. Consider this, though, what will you do when you grow weary of swatting and your bat runs out of juice and the only battery-backups you’re carrying are meant for all those other important camp-additions?

Yeah, you guessed it, go for the DEET-free spray.

Camping Galore

Camping in India can be enjoyed at a lot of incredible locations.

From the rapids of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand and the enchantment woven across Himachal Pradesh’s Manali Solang Valley, not to forget the trekker’s paradise, Jaisalmer (Rajasthan’s own ‘golden city’) and Anjuna in Goa where I needn’t even use words to describe how awesome your camping experiences will be. There are many more such places which we shall suggest in our next post.


Everyone needs to go camping in India at least once or perhaps a hundred times in their lifetime, so breathe deep and take the plunge.

Nothing like wild open spaces, ideal air and the thrill of a lifetime to make us take another look at our lifestyles and, hopefully, shift to a fresh life-track.

Plan smart, travel safe, party awesome!

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