Go Metal On Your Walls


There’s so much you can do to spruce up your home with some well-chosen metal décor. This in no way refers to the music genre after the same name, but with showpieces and decoration items made of metal or a combination of metal and something else.

First off, keep in mind that when you use metal décor you need to hang them up or place them in locations where they catch the light. This light in question can be from outdoors during daytime or the electric ones you have installed inside your home. Be it what it may, the next step you need to focus on is dimension.

metal candle stand


These metal showpieces are awesome and have the potential to transform any space into a supernaturally magnificent zone as modern as it is varied. Dimension becomes a necessity now because you can’t use tiny wall-displays on a huge extensive white wall or stand on a large metal showpiece in a tiny cluttered spot. Aim smart with metal and your house will look stunning with them in it.

Heading on to variety, the faves out there are usually animal-based and/or tree-like showpieces. Imagine a nice metal tree on your wall, with lovely beading and other designs for flowers and leaves and intricate realistic carvings on the trunk and branches, even roots. It’s bound to leave your guests speechless, for one thing. If you like animal-life, opt for metal-made displays of leopards, elephants, lions and eagles to give off that awe-inspiring powerful presence where needed.

tree metal decor

The best and most practical idea in this regard are metal clocks, designed almost completely with metal and giving off that unmistakable shine. This is the main reason why most people go for metal clocks despite them being rather expensive. The shine they give off when the sun hits them is eye-grabbing and amazing. Besides, people almost always want to know the time and guess what they look for around the home when that need comes calling. This makes clocks amazing metal-décor showpieces that are certain to be seen time and again—pun intended!

metal wall art

Bells are amazing additions where metal-décor is involved. They needn’t necessarily ring like crazy, just their presence alone imparts calm, peace and ethnicity and there are hundreds of diverse designs to check out.

Veering onto another topic, outlines are great for when you’re going all metal on your interiors. These can be floral designs or symmetrical ones, thick or thin, your pick, they look superb, bringing definition to the wall they’re hung on or stood before—hint: go for contrasts, like black outlines against a white wall and so on.

There are some really beautiful pieces out there not commonly considered for decoration purposes. These are often flowery in design or based on something occurring in Nature, then there are abstract art ideas to consider too. These are indeed a bit steep where price is concerned, but their style-statement is out-of-this-world beautiful, fitting anywhere and matching anything and looking awesome even ten years from when you bought them. Now, that’s metal décor worth investing in, dontcha think?


Image Credit: sohoconnect, thedesignquest, ladies-trends.


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